Total Home Protection is Using Technology to Improve Customer Communications

Total Home Protection is Using Technology to Improve Customer Communications

Today, Total Home Protection, a home warranty company working to provide high-quality home warranty products and services to homeowners, announced that they will be working on launching a new communication platform and developing a new CRM system to better manage all aspects of their business. Their newly conceptualized AI-based platform is designed to allow complete real-time visibility into all aspects of the process for all the parties involved, including Total Home Protection’s own employees, the service contractors in their network, and, most importantly, the consumers.

Traditionally, home warranty companies operate indistinguishably from one another. The homeowner is always tasked with calling the home warranty company to report when a home system or appliance has broken or has stopped working. The home warranty company then has its employees manually process this claim and connect the homeowner with a service provider who will contact them to make an appointment. After this, the service provider fixes the covered problem, and the home warranty company will pay for the services rendered based on the homeowner’s contract coverage. It’s an efficient, but incredibly lengthy process.

Now, according to the current owner and CEO of Total Home Protection David Seruya, their re engineered communication platform will make this process simpler, more efficient, and more open for homeowners. “We are dedicated to providing World Class Customer Service through our technology and providing fast and effective solutions to our customers. This technology allows us to do that,” said David Seruya.

According to Mr. Seruya, with this new technology, customers will be able to put in service claims online or over the phone using only their policy number. The platform’s intuitive AI-based algorithms will then almost-automatically match each customer’s claim with the highest-rated technicians in the area so that they can be given the highest quality of service in the shortest amount of time feasible. They’ve also built-in new communication gateways that homeowners can use in order to get real-time updates on the job. These portals can also be used by homeowners to chat with certified professionals through text and it will allow them to track and follow the progression of repairs or replacements more easily so that they can stay better informed on the process.

To summarize, this new technology was designed to allow the following:

  • Book a service provider in minutes;
  • Track the progress on the job;
  • Live chat with pros through text;
  • Capture a digital history of home repairs and maintenance; and
  • Manage multiple properties.

June, of Auster, GA, a verified buyer of one of Total Home Protection’s plans had this to say about the company’s communication practices. “I turned the switch for the garbage disposal to come on, and it stayed on. It wouldn’t cut off. So, I had to go into the garage and turn it off. I called in for a claim and I had no problem with the representative that I dealt with. The contractor came in less than 48 hours, and that was why I was impressed with Total Home Protection. Before them, I had American Home Shield and it was a nightmare. When you make a claim (with AHS), their contractors do not come until a week later. That was why I switched.” This review was originally posted on the 10th of November, 2019, and thus, was reviewing Total Home Protection’s original systems.

However, it does still paint a fair picture of the company’s existing customer service systems and the new systems that they plan to put into play. Former President Ronald Seruya says this about their growth. “I am very proud of the growth the Company has seen since it started. I am happy I was there for the humble beginnings and I’m even more excited to continue to see the company excel and become an industry juggernaut.”

About Total Home Protection

Total Home Protection’s ultimate goal is to deliver fast and effective solutions to homeowners with their home warranty products and their network of highly-rated service contractors. This new technology that they hope to put out is designed to help further that objective. Specifically, by focusing on improving the quality of customer relations and providing complete transparency in their process to keep consumers better informed, and thus, more satisfied.

This has always been one of Total Home Protection’s main goals, and although their current CRM systems are more than adequate at competing with most of the existing home warranty systems at large, they are hoping that this new communication platform and CRM system will help push their process into an entirely new standard of excellence.

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