What are Bioidentical Hormones?

There is growing interest in bioidentical hormones, that is chemically equal to those produced physiologically by our body, used in various medical branches, from Anti-Aging to Wellness medicine, from Endocrinology to Psychoneuroimmunology. Bio-identical hormones are used in case of a deficiency of hormones or groups of hormones, documented following specific tests. The goal of hormone replacement therapy with bio-identical hormones is to relieve the symptoms caused by the decrease in hormone production by the individual and reduce the incidence of legal diseases to hormonal imbalances, trying to maintain a balance by reaching the normal natural processes of the body.

Which are the most used bioidentical hormones?

There are many molecules in nature with structures similar to those of humans, for example, phytoestrogens. Villous dioscorrhea is a plant that contains molecules with a steroid structure identical to human steroid hormones and sensitive to the same physiological degradation. The extraction of these natural (and therefore non-patentable) molecules has made it possible to obtain biodegradable and bioidentical molecules to some human hormones, the “Bioidentical hormones”, precisely to detect their similarity with human ones.

Used in hormonal therapy they have given the desired therapeutic effects and very few side effects, precisely because they are easily degraded by specific enzymes. This is hormone replacement or supplementation therapy with bioidentical hormones BHRT.

Among the bioidentical hormones we find sex hormones (such as estradiol, estriol, progesterone, DHEA, pregnenolone and testosterone), thyroid hormones (taken from dry porcine thyroid extract) and pineal hormones (melatonin, methoxytryptamine and pinealin).

The use of “bioidenticals” has allowed replacement or integrative therapies for long and indefinite times, without side effects.

Bioidentical hormones are molecules extracted from plants and chemically synthesized in the laboratory.

Why are they used?

Bioidentical hormones are indicated in case of hormonal deficiency detected by specific tests. Hormone replacement therapy, which uses these molecules, aims to control the symptoms caused by the low production of hormones in our body and reduce the incidence of diseases related to hormonal changes.

What is bioidentical hormone therapy?

In most hormonal therapies, it is advisable to start treatment with a low dose to evaluate the body’s response and, if the dose is adequate, to increase it progressively. However, in others, it is preferred to start with the dose that is considered adequate and then “adjust” it until the optimal value is reached.

Preparation for Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

To carry out a correct bioidentical hormone therapy it is necessary to take the appropriate dose of hormones, correct hormonal deficiencies, start treatment at the right time and carry out periodic follow-ups. In fact, the dose varies from person to person, and has to be personalized and determined after a series of laboratory tests and a clinical evaluation of symptoms, the type of imbalance and the response to drug therapies followed in the past. In addition, the specialist must also take into account the patient’s family history.

Tracing recommended to carry out the first control visit one month after starting therapy, and then continue with the follow-up every 3-6 months. Accurate monitoring is important to be able to modify therapy according to needs (diet, work, stress, sleep, sports, illness, etc.).

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