What are the Hidden Secrets to Natural Beauty?

Flawless complexion, dream hair, perfect teeth. On the red carpets, in the movies, or on social networks, celebrities are always resplendent. A beauty that seems inaccessible, even unreal. However, what products can they use to be so radiant? Discover, thanks to our interviews with stars, all their beauty secrets just a click away.

You will know which creams the stars use, what are their beauty secrets for face, body and hair (just that). In addition to giving you the recipe for their elegance, your favorite celebrities confide in their tastes, their favorite sports and much more.

Fat cells swell and multiply to store fat (lipids). By grouping under the skin, they form unsightly dimpling. Slimming creams help to destock lipids, which improves the appearance of the skin and the contours of the silhouette. Some active ingredients, such as caffeine, act on the release of fat (they are used in the morning), others, and such as phloridzine, extracted from apple trees, reduce the storage of lipids (in the evening). Unfortunately, the skin reconstitutes its dimpling a few weeks after stopping applications. Therefore perseverance pays!

It consists of moisturizing milk to which we add DHA, a molecule derived from corn or sugar cane, which reacts only on the surface of the skin in contact with amino acids in our stratum carenum, causing staining of dead cells. . This coloring disappears in a few days when peeling. This is why self-tanning is not very durable, but so impressive!

The danger would come to believe that you are protected from the sun, and therefore to expose yourself without protection, under the pretext of having golden skin. Exfoliation of the body every four days or so is recommended.

Over the years, the rate of cell renewal slows down, and it takes more than the standard twenty-one days for epidermal cells that have received UV rays to migrate to the surface and disappear in favor of new, lighter cells. Mature skin logically retains the tan for longer. Said like that, that is a bit of a “miracle product”! There is no denying that this multifunctional cream is one of the beauty secrets

of the world to have in your closet, especially when you cannot burden yourself with a thousand different products.

Not at all. These oils are said to be dry because they leave no oily marks on the skin. Several vegetable oils are part of their composition. Some are dry in their natural state (macadamia oil, etc.), others require handling. Maximiliano Bustos, founder of Oils and Balms, explains: “Dry organic (and not synthetic) oil is obtained by removing a fraction of fatty acids, hence the feeling of non-fat. When applied to exfoliated skin, the dry oil is better absorbed and offers an exceptional silky feel.

The composition of mascaras varies from one brand to another with well kept “formulation secrets”. There are two main categories: the classic ones, and the waterproof ones, called waterproof, scientific attaché for cosmetic professions at, specifies: “A classic mascara is an aqueous emulsion (water + waxes, most often vegetable), with color pigments and polymers which form a creamy or compact texture, more or less elastic. Waterproof mascara, on the other hand, contains a volatile solvent in place of water. When applied, it hardens to surround each lash with a waterproof sheath.

The regulations have banned thirty of the most allergenic molecules. However, many components can cause allergies: preservatives, plants, essential oils In a perfume, it is above all the molecules chosen for their fresh notes that make sensitive skin react: linalool, geraniol. It can be used for makeup removal, to moisturize the skin or treat chapped lips, to nourish the hair, reduce scars, as an anti-wrinkle, as a massage balm against stretch marks, to soothe the skin in case of eczema, psoriasis or insect bite.

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