What Everybody Needs to Know About the Trends in Eyewear Today

Trends in Eyewear

The world of fashion is always evolving, as does everything else. After all, change is the only thing that’s constant in the world. 

And eyewear fashion in Australia is a testament to this change. The country down under will not be left behind when it comes to stylish eye frames. 

Glasses have always been popular and make great statement accessories that complete an overall look, whether you’re out for work or just taking a stroll in the streets of Sydney. And Macquarie centre optometrist and other optical shops in New South Wales make it easy to find classy and chic eyewear, along with prescription ones if that’s what you need.

Now, if you want to have trendy glasses for your prescription lenses or simply as a fashion statement, draw inspiration from the list of the most popular eyewear below.

Round, Vintage Glasses

Vintage glasses never go out of style. It will always remain classic eyewear that you can don whatever the occasion may be. And choosing a two-toned frame adds a more vintage effect to the look.

The round frames highlight square and rectangular faces best. But it can perfectly match any outfit, from the smart look to the hip style, from professional to lazy, everyday outfits. You can consult with a optometrist near you to find the right one for you.

Cat Eye Frames

A constant ladies’ favourite, cat-eye glasses are classy and always in style. It gives a sexy but playful look both at the same time. On a different note, it can also make you appear smart and confident.

Whatever look you’re going for, cat-eye frames will make a great accent to your style. And it can be flattering for square and round-shaped faces as it accentuates or creates angles for a more defined look.

Retro Aviator Glasses

Another eyewear classic is the aviator glasses. You have seen celebrities favour this specific frame every time they go out and even in movies. And the reason for it is obvious. Aviator glasses complement different styles and give an edgy look that is loved by many.

Oversized Eyeglasses

Round or square, oversized glasses will always be in. This is another classic piece from the 70’s that you can wear this year and the next.

The vintage effect it gives off is perfect for your daily look. And you don’t have to put in a lot of effort to achieve the old-fashioned style. Simply put on some jeans and a shirt, and your oversized glasses will make you look like you just came out of a decades-old magazine.

Thick, Geometric Frames

Geometric shapes are the trend this year, and eyewear is no exception to this trend. 

No matter what geometric shape you want, expect to find eyeglasses of the exact same shape. It will fit whatever shape your face is and will make you stand out, especially when the thick frames are bright and bold-coloured.

Thin-Rimmed, Lightweight Glasses

If your career or academics make you busy, you will know how important it is to have a fully functional and lightweight eyewear. Professionals often go for thin and weightless glasses that won’t give them problems at work or elsewhere. 

The most popular of this kind is the round, metal frames that come in gold colour. 

You no longer have to worry about finding the perfect chic frame, whether prescription ones or not, because the likes of Macquarie Centre optometrist offer various spectacles of different styles.

The options for eyewear fashion are endless. It doesn’t matter if you need prescription ones or simply want eyeglasses to go with your outfit because there is always something that will match your preference.

So, go ahead and choose the trendy eyewear that’s perfect for the hot summers and cool winters of New South Wales. 

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