What Is A PDF And Why You Should Start Converting Your Files

Even before the pandemic, a large portion of our work has already shifted online, and PDF documents have become a staple in work and education for data gathering, proposals, essays, and reports. This allows the possibility of working on the same files across different platforms.

Now, more than ever, the online integration of PDF files is very important to sustain and even improve workflow wherever we may be and what situations we are in. In this article, we’ll be sharing more about the PDF and how to maximize its features.

PDF And Its Features

PDF is a type of file format commonly used for documents. It stands for Portable Document Format. It is not modifiable which means it cannot be edited but this type of file can easily be shared and printed. Since it is being used widely for different things nowadays, everyone needs a way to edit PDF online without having to pay for the service.

Before jumping to editing, let’s get to know what the PDF is. PDF is known as the king of files because of its versatility. They can be accessed through any operating software and can easily be opened as a word document if needed. Speaking of its versatility, all files can be converted into a PDF which contributes to the popularity of this format.

If you are having difficulty transferring files because of the compatibility between different operating systems, you can choose to first convert the file into a PDF and later on, convert it back to its compatible format after transferring. Additionally, transferring files does not just occur between computers or laptops but also through smartphones and tablets.

Once again, PDFs top other file formats because of their accessibility. Even when you are using a smartphone or an Ipad, you can easily open PDF documents. This is because almost every device has a version of Adobe Reader or a program used to read and open PDF files.

Another feature that PDF documents offer is the option for security. Unlike other file formats, PDF gives users an option to set passwords for important files and documents. You can definitely be assured that this is not just some easy security system to hack into since the PDFs password security is exceptionally cutting-edge and cannot easily be infiltrated. Other file options basically do not offer the degree of insurance you are given when utilizing a PDF.

Taking into consideration all of the features of a PDF file, you would think that it would take up a lot of space, however, it actually uses less! PDFs actually tend to have a smaller file size in comparison to other file formats. Their most advantageous edge among other formats is that they can compress high-quality documents to a relatively small file size without compromising the file’s quality.

Target Users

Because of some of its advanced features, PDFs are widely used in schools and workplaces. In fact, there are a number of top security firms and government offices for important and classified files because of their remarkable security which is why PDF is beneficial to anyone and everyone. It is the universal file format that you should use to keep your files. Almost all devices have the capability to read PDF files. All computers, phones, and reading tablets have the capability to read a PDF document, some also have integrated software that makes it possible to edit these files as well.

PDFs can cater to any type of online documents that need to be printed. Your files can contain either text, photos, vector images, audio files, videos, and interactive elements. There is no risk in sharing your files with others because PDF files will maintain the original design of your file. Therefore, students, employees, illustrators, and anyone else can benefit from PDF files.

Online Editing Resources

Now that you’ve learned more about the PDF, let’s talk about how to edit PDF documents. Unlike Word documents, editing PDF documents seems unfamiliar to most. If you don’t already have pre-installed editing software for PDF files then you might be one of the people searching the internet for a way to edit one.

Available cost-free services are all over the internet nowadays and with just a few clicks, you can easily edit your PDF documents. Our top picks for websites that offer free service in editing pdfs are,, and There are just some of the sites among many others that allow you to easily place annotations and fill in your PDF documents.


Online PDF tools are amazing to have. Properly used, they can increase the flexibility and speed of your work. It can certainly be integrated within a group of people for collaborative work. Now that you’ve attained this information, editing PDFs won’t be as unfamiliar to you anymore.

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