What is IT Architecture and How Does It Work?

When most people think about architecture, they think about planning and designing buildings and other structures.

However, architecture is also an important part of the digital world. Architecture in the digital world is known as IT architecture. What is IT architecture? How does it work?

Read on below to learn the basics of IT architecture.

What is IT Architecture?

First things first, what exactly is IT architecture? While regular architects design buildings, IT architects design computer systems. In addition to designing, they’re also responsible for implementing and overseeing security and technologies for organizations and businesses.

IT architects are responsible for creating high-level solutions for business systems, applications, portfolios, and enterprises. They need to possess several important hard skills, including skills in:

  • Data visualization
  • Cloud computing
  • IT security and infrastructure
  • IT management
  • Systems architecture

Soft skills are just as important, as IT architects should be well-organized, communicative, and analytical. You can check out this page to learn more about the skills IT architects need to possess.

Types of IT Architecture

IT architecture is a broad practice that includes several distinct branches. The main branches of IT architecture include:

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture defines the architecture of an entire company and serves as the company’s blueprint. This type of architecture includes all IT systems and applications that a company uses.

An enterprise architect’s purpose is to make sure the IT plan works for the whole company and fits into the business’s objectives and goals. Enterprise architecture takes into account the business strategy as a whole and finds IT solutions that will complement the strategy.

The goal of enterprise architecture is to improve efficiency and coherence across the whole company.

Technology Architecture

Technology architecture involves detailed descriptions of the necessary technological components to meet a business objective. Technology architects focus on improving the design of hardware and software components to make them more robust and cost-effective.

These architects act as the middlemen between the software developers and the company to ensure the company’s needs are being met.

Solutions Architecture

Solutions architecture refers to the functionalities a system needs to perform. A solutions architect is typically responsible for evaluating a company’s business needs to determine how IT can support those needs.

They typically look at one specific need and then build and integrate a system around that need.

Does My Business Need an IT Architect?

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from having an IT architect on staff. The job requires a great deal of knowledge, so if you can’t find someone suitable for the role, you can always outsource your IT architecture needs.

IT architects ensure that everything behind the scenes runs smoothly so you can focus on making more money for your business.

IT Architecture: Moving Forward

Now that you know more about IT architecture, it’s time to take the next steps forward. If you’re looking to hire an IT architect for your business, make sure to look for someone with strong design, analytical, and communication skills.

If you’re looking to learn more about the IT world, check back in with our blog!

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