Which Hairbrush to Choose?

Which Hairbrush to choose? With these 3 questions and advice you always choose the right one!

You can find them in almost every bedroom, bathroom and salon. They are used almost every day by professionals and beauty lovers. They detangle your hair, help smooth the hair and create volume or curls. We are of course talking about best one to choose.

This indispensable styling tool is present in large numbers in many beauty web shops and stores. But the numbers are so large and the range varies so much that choosing a hairbrush may seem impossible.

Our customer service often gets the questions which hairbrush should I choose? What types of hairbrushes do you have?  And which hairbrush is the right one for my hair?

Fortunately, with only 3 questions you can find out which hairbrush meets your needs and is suitable for your hair.

The questions you must ask yourself are:

1 – What do you want to do with the hairbrush?

  • Detangling and Smoothing? Then choose a Paddle Brush, Pneumatic Brush, Detangler Brush or Looper Brush .
  • Style, Curl or Create Volume? Then choose a Hair Dryer Brush, Round Brush, Hair Brush , Styling Brush and Vent Brush .

2 – What type of hair do you have?

  • Do you have fine hair? Then choose a hairbrush with Natural Boar Bristle Brush.
  • Do you have thick hair? Then choose a hairbrush with Synthetic Hair(Nylon Bristle Brush).

3 – What specific characteristics must your hairbrush meet?

In this blog you will find tips that you should pay attention when choosing best hair brush for men. This blog is divided into three parts. Each part deals with one of the above questions and provides comprehensive advice. We naturally explain every question in great detail, so that you ultimately find out which hairbrush is most suitable for you and your hair!

1 – What do you want to do with the hairbrush?

You can do a number of things with hairbrushes. We divide them into 2 groups:

  1. Detangling & Smoothing.
  2. Style, Curl or Create Volume.

Below we discuss the 9 most common types of hairbrushes. The numbers 1 to 4 are suitable for detangling and smoothing your hair. The numbers 5 to 9 are alternately suitable for styling, curling or creating volume.

1.1 – Paddle Brush

  • Shape:Square
  • Ideal for:Long Hair
  • Result:Detangles Hair – Smooth Hair
  • Also known as:Flat Brush – Flat Brush – Paddle Brush

The Paddle Brush is recognizable by its large, angular surface and owes its name to the paddle. This brush is often equipped with nylon pens with a plastic ball on it, but sometimes also with boar bristles without a ball.

The pins and hairs are attached to a rubber cushion.

Due to the resilience of this pillow, the pins or hairs move flexibly during brushing and they glide more gently through your hair.

Paddle Brushes are mainly used to detangle and smooth long hair. This also applies, for example, to a ponytail. This hairbrush is also used in combination with the hair dryer to make it smoother.

1.2 – Pneumatic Brush

  • Shape: Oval
  • Ideal for:Any hair length
  • Result:Detangles Hair – Smooth Hair
  • Also known as:Classic Brush –  Oval Brush – Brush Brush – Cushion Brush

The Pneumatic Brush does not differ much from the Paddle Brush. Everything is the same except form. The Paddle Brush is in fact square and the Pneumatic Brush is oval.

In most cases, the Pneumatic Brush has a smaller surface area, which makes the brush suitable for short hair. You can use this hairbrush daily to detangle and smoothen your hair.

Keep in mind that if you use the Pneumatic Brush in combination with a Hair Dryer, you will not get such a smooth haircut as with the P addle Brush. That is because the Pneumatic Brush has a rounded edge everywhere.

1.3 – Detangler Brush

  • Shape:Different
  • Ideal for:Any hair length
  • Result:Detangles Hair – Smooth Hair
  • Also known as: Detangling Brush – Detangle Brush – Tangle Teezer – Non-stick Brush

The Detangler Brush is a collective name for hairbrushes that resemble the Tangle Teezer. They are praised for their painless detangles.

The shape differs, but the material is almost always plastic. This also applies to the pins attached to it. The pins are thin and flexible, which makes them ideal for detangling. And because the pins are made of plastic, this makes the hairbrushes more suitable for thick and unruly hair than thin and fine hair.

1.4 – Hair dryer brush

  • Shape: Cylinder
  • Ideal for:Any hair length
  • Result:Volume – Curled Hair
  • Also known as: Curl Brush – Curl Hair Dryer – Rotating Brush – Electric Hair Dryer Brush – Electric Curl Brush – Hot Air Brush – Hot Brush

The names Hair Dryer Brush, Curl Brush and Round Brush are unmistakably used the most interchangeably.  However, the difference between the hair dryer brush and the round brush is in the hair dryer. The hair dryer brush has a hair dryer or hair dryer attached to the head. The Round Brush does not have that. With a hair dryer you are often “stuck” to the supplied hair dryer. And this hair dryer usually only has 1 wattage and a fixed diameter. In some cases you can vary with attachments.

Some professionals and beauty lovers prefer a Hair Dryer Brush because it is easier to use than the Round Brush. However, the Round Brush offers you more freedom while styling.

About the Hair Dryer Brush and Round Brush

Both the Hair Dryer Brush and the Round Brush are generally used to create more curls, strokes and volume in the hair. It is not for nothing that there are brushes with diameters ranging from 12 millimeters to 70 millimeters.

Round brushes with a smaller diameter are most suitable for short hair and give a somewhat firmer curl. We really advise against using the small round brushes in long hair. This almost always results in tangles and knots. And if you are really unlucky, this can only be solved by cutting your hair off.

Curler brushes with a larger diameter are more suitable for medium and long hair and give more stroke and volume. In addition, these formats are also often used with a bob line.

A variant of the Vent Brush is the Tunnel Brush. A Vent Brush actually consists of one layer with openings. The Tunnel Brush not only consists of two layers with separate openings, but also has an opening between the two layers. This opening looks like a tunnel, and a Tunnel Brush owes its name to it.

Final word

With the above information we would like to help you find the Best Hair Brush for Men that fully meet your needs. It is true that certain concepts can differ between stores, blogs and other websites. Hopefully our advice will provide you with sufficient guidance and guidance when making your choice.


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