White Tea vs Green Tea

White Tea vs. Green Tea

White tea – indulges you in the luxury

This luxurious tea is produced from the tender flush or the apical bud of the tea bush, harvested when the young buds are tightly enclosed. Once harvested, the leaves will undergo few minimal processing steps, preserving most of its natural goodness. The made tea usually turns into silver color with a silky and velvety texture, while the brewed tea appears either opaque or in a light- yellow color. The taste profile has mild and slightly floral characters, with a hint of sweetness.

This tea could be considered as one of the precious variety in the tea family due to its rareness, amazing texture and the divine brew. This is one of the most traditional forms of tea and claims to have the lowest caffeine content out of the whole range of teas. White teas from Teaswan come as “Doke Silver Needles, which are carefully harvested and specially manufactured in the renowned “Doke” tea garden in Bihar region. This whole leaf tea is perfect as a gift tea for you and for your loved one as it comes with not only amazing taste but also numerous health benefits.  Also you can buy wholesale loose leaf and bulk tea fresh from Darjeeling, Assam and Nepal.

Brewing: Use freshly boiled water at 75°C to 80°C temperature and steep for about 3-4 minutes. Again there are no real rules here, if you prefer a bit stronger tea, you could steep a little longer.

Benefits of White Tea

  1. It’s Rich in Antioxidants
  2. May Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease
  3. Could Help You Lose Weight
  4. Help Protect Your Teeth from Bacteria
  5. Has Compounds That May Fight Cancer
  6. Compounds in White Tea May Protect Against Osteoporosis
  7. May Help Combat Skin Aging
  8. May Help Protect Against Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases
  9. It Is Easy to Prepare

Green tea – the green paragon

From its origins of China and Japan, the green tea culture has come a long way. It has become increasingly popular in last few decades, primarily because of its proven health benefits and the amazing flavors. In the manufacturing, the tender green leaves are processed without allowing for oxidation. This results dark green color tea with a smooth texture as well as a refreshing brew. You will find most of the chemical components and minerals in its pure form due to the minimal processing, which causes its renowned health benefits. On the other hand, this creates green tea bit more astringent and stronger than the other teas. There are a number of varieties of green tea and the characters of each are considerably different from each other. However, in general, the green tea brew has a seaweed or steamed taste with hints of grass, along with an underlying sweetness. These teas could also be flavored or scented. Jasmine green tea is one of the most popular scented varieties.

We have traveled all over the world to bring you the greatest selection of green teas including specialty teas such as “Doke green diamond”, “Makaibari green tea” from legendary Darjeeling valley, Teaswan “Swan fusion” from China and the “Socklatinga green tea”. This collection comes in many forms, like loose leaf tea, and could be purchased online as well.

Brewing: Use freshly boiled water at 80°C to 90°C temperature and steep for about 2-3 minutes

Benefits of White Tea

  1. Contains healthy bioactive compounds
  2. May improve brain function
  3. Increases fat burning
  4. Antioxidants may lower the risk of some cancers
  5. May protect the brain from aging
  6. May reduce bad breath
  7. May help prevent type 2 diabetes
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