Many contrast exact sciences and philosophy. Let alone Computer Science and Philosophy it is a big mistake. Many apps, browsers and the same social media would not even exist, if computer scientists, technicians of various sorts and computer scientists were not, by nature, also rather speculative, endowed with a philosophical disposition.

And that’s why today, even if we talk about browsers, we don’t want to omit some cultured quotations from the field of humanities. Just to remind some of the times of the philosophy lessons in high school and to make others reflect on the interpenetration of computer science, philosophy and sense of existence in the current era. Someone wrote two centuries ago: One being is missing and everything appears depopulated. At the beginning of the third millennium this applies above all to the internet, to the connection, to the Wi-Fi network!

How many times, in the last ten years, have we felt literally lost, just because our mobile phone was not giving field signal and our smartphone or tablet did not seem to be able to find an internet network? What a bad feeling. And to think that all this did not exist before. We are right in the need, today, to be able to connect and surf practically everywhere. It is no coincidence that several current songs speak precisely of the impossibility, by now, of having a personal relationship, even with themselves, depriving themselves a little of all these tools that connect us more to the pond than to our true essence.

But we certainly are not the ones who want to advocate a withdrawal from the virtual world! Still, today we intend to go deeper with this same universe. By now, the Internet is not only for lovers of computers, computer science, music, exchange via social networks and it is not even the preserve of researchers or just those in charge of the exact sciences.

What is a browser?

Sometimes, we use something since we were born and we know nothing of its nature, its history, its arrival in the world. We hardly know its name. Above all, we believe it is consubstantial to the world as we knew it. Twenty years ago this could concern, for example, the concept of television, that of car, for children. Today it is the IT sector that appears inherent in the nature and existence of human beings and human exchanges. Have you ever thought about attending a computer school? Or have you been using your computer so well, from the age of six months, that you think you are one with it? One of the first things you will learn in online computer lessons (online computer course) is this!

In modern day it appears to be the competition is on, no double the best always dominate and you can select Brave Browser Download. Also because if you go to specific lessons, you are supposed to be a real fan of the current era, which is entirely virtual and digitized. How to live without knowing what a browser is? Even the ninety-year-old now know how to juggle a similar question or almost (the large age group, today, does not miss an opportunity to take computer lessons, perhaps at the universities of the third age). Without kidding, however, let’s say that if you are fifty years old you will be thinking a bit about the matter, possibly. If, on the other hand, you are lucky, and you still only have sixteen, you are probably wondering why this article brings such trivial questions.

Logically, you were born under a browser!

The article that we offer you here today at Zobuz then clarifies the definition and use of browsers, precisely for those people who are not lucky enough to be digital natives, but also for those who, although younger, like to wonder about the inside of things. Not only to use them as automaton.

Are you among these? Read our browser approach with interest. To navigate with an electronic device – as we all have resigned ourselves to understand, let’s say – you need a program that knows how to interpret the languages ​​HTML (XHTML now), PHP and other JavaScript or Flash, to display pages with an impeccable presentation and graphics dear to the web interfaces’ programmers and programmers. Here we are? Remember that you can search for any term you don’t understand on the Internet itself, ironically. In order to continue without problems with reading this article and all the others that Zobuz has dedicated to the Brave Browser. By definition, a browser is primarily a graphical interface, which downloads data (texts, images, and videos, sound recordings) to be presented to the user.

The first of its kind dates from 1990: it is World Wide Web, the work of Tim Berners-Lee. However, 1993 and the NCSA Mosaic had to wait for the visualization of the image and forms to be effective. Usually, such a program is installed ex official when the machine is created, although we tend not to notice it. Many things in the digital world, especially to digital natives, seem to be given, almost naturally, yet it is not so. Everything is designed, compared, built, by IT and technical engineers of all sorts.

Free competition however allows everyone to select the navigator of their choice, to have even more than one on their machine, to change at will. And in fact, if you notice your PC activity in the last fifteen years, you will notice that over time you have changed your browser, certainly! Fashion, curiosity, functionality, backwardness that looms over the nature of digital. This is a world in which one cannot be emotionally anchored to the past, under penalty of exclusion, the hitch, the jam!

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