Why Casino Gambling is Dangerous by Fahad Al Tamimi

Why Casino Gambling is Dangerous by Fahad Al Tamimi

Each of us is a gambler because gambling is human nature. One of human nature is to like to take risks. It is this nature that allows humans to come out of the cave and eventually dominate the earth. And gambling is a formal adventure.

Historians tell us that the history of human gambling is almost as ancient as the history of human civilization. About two thousand years BC, the Egyptians used metatarsal bones to draw four-sided dice. Five hundred years later, the Chinese had a similar roulette. In the long course of history, whether it is encouraged or suppressed, the strong human demand for gambling has never changed.

Adventure is human nature and an important part of human life. If you think about it, we start taking risks every day when we open our eyes and we are betting on, for example, what to eat, what to wear, what to say, what to do, where to go, to establish, maintain or cut off relationships. Fahad Al Tamimi further states that adventure is an idea, feeling, and emotion that give people the opportunity, hope, and a feeling of being alive.

Gambling is a form of satisfying the basic needs of mankind, which can make people, have a sense of belonging, status and achievement. If you think about it, gambling alone makes people feel good, standing on the edge of danger, doing a bold and risky thing, handing themselves to destiny and challenging opportunities. When fears recede and gambling wins, this beautiful feeling will be magnified, making people feel how different they are.

Gambling is still a culture. We often use “gambling” in our daily conversations, for example: I bet you can certainly live; I bet it will rain tomorrow; I bet. The word “gambling” has become a commonly used vocabulary that can strengthen the tone. To express your opinion.

Second, gambling can be addictive, addiction is sick

It is said that the Chinese are good at gambling. One data is corroboration. In 2013, the Chinese lost $ 76 billion in gambling, rising from the ninth to the second in the world in 2012, second only to the United States.

However, 3% of the first American adult suffers from severe gambling addiction. It is difficult for China to find such data. Some people say that it is 1.5%, but there is no provenance, and it cannot be believed by 100%. However, in terms of China’s population base, the absolute number of people should be ranked first in the world with a high probability.

In the United States, Dr. Robert Custer founded the Impulsive Gambling Treatment Program. According to his statistics, 20% of his patients suffered from gambling addiction only after entering the financial market. Therefore, whether financial investment is the main cause of gambling addiction, it seems that no one has studied it, but I have to admit that many people’s speculation in financial markets is essentially the same as gambling.

Fahad Al Tamimi says that gambling addiction is a psychological disease, and “pathological gambling disorder” will also appear in serious cases. Gambling addiction, also known as “gambling addiction syndrome”, is simply a pathological manifestation that cannot stop gambling. Most patients suffering from gambling addiction will feel very bad every time they lose money, but as soon as they start gambling, they will immediately become emotionally excited and excited. If you stop gambling for a while, you will experience upset, anxiety, sleepiness, insomnia, loss of appetite, etc.

Catching up with the period of winning

Money The Chinese say that “losing money is all about winning money”, which reflects the importance of this stage. There are a few unexpected big wins in gambling, and the money that can be won at one time is one year’s income. Since then, gamblers have always expected in their hearts, and believe that there are big wins, and even more big wins in fantasy are also expected. . This usually happens when the gambler earnestly gambles for the first time. The early winning experience will increase his self-awareness, believing that he is born with good luck, good skills, very special, and a successful person. This stage is very short, and sometimes it may appear continuously, or just hanging the appetite.

Kill the low money-losing period.

This stage is characterized by “cannot let go”. At the beginning, it only entered this stage slowly, which made gamblers mistakenly think that they had a sense of security, but this stage will slowly extend and eat up the resources of gamblers. At this stage, the gambler will support him with the memory of past wins, thinking that as long as one more one can turn the book.

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