Why Clipping Path is An Integral Part of eCommerce Product Photography

World of eCommerce has grown to be a monster over the course of last 30 years. This multi-billion-dollar industry is a playground for fortune 500 companies. But at the same time, this monster market has paved the path for some individual entrepreneurs to make their first billion as well. Noone could have done what they have done in this industry without attractive product images. And when it comes to product images on eCommerce stores, it is the services of a clipping path company that is making these images sell the products.

Why eCommerce Companies Need Product Photography

eCommerce stands for electronic commerce. This is not a typical store in the town square or in a mall. Stores in the eCommerce market operates online in the virtual market.  It is the website or eCommerce shop that sells the products. Since customers cannot visit their neighborhood store or mall to buy the products physically where they can try the clothing on or touch the item to see how that will work for them, they must make a purchase decision by looking at the product image. In other words, no product is being sold on the online marketplace without the product image. This is why product photography is so important for eCommerce marketplace.

How Clipping Path Companies Can Help the eCommerce Business Owners

A clipping path company provides their services to product owners. They not only work with product owners, they work with photographers, marketing agencies, publishers and wide range of other clients as well. No matter who is the client the clipping path company is working with, they are serving the product or brand at the end.

These companies use their photo editing skills to clip the product images. This clipping path is needed for further post-product editing of the product photography.

How Clipping Path is Used in eCommerce Photography

Initially clipping path is a process of removing the product or a specific object from the entire image. This is just the first step of entire post production photo editing process. Once the individual product or the specific object tis isolated, it is then made available for further processing such as ghost mannequin effect. This further processing depends on the marketing campaign or the publishing requirement.

Sometimes the clipped image will be published as is on the eCommerce store on the internet. Other times they are sent to the photo retouching team that is an advanced level of photoshop editing team for further retouching.

If the product image requires retouching, a detailed description of the retouching job is created by the product photographer, marketing agency, publishing team, or in some cases the product owners itself. This photo retouching job description will then be sent to the retouch team to get the product image retouched.

Sometimes the same editing company will do the clipping path as well as the further editing. Example of retouching can be simple spot retouch where minor imperfections are touched up. Advanced retouching can totally give the product image a new look and make it visually attractive to the buyer which in turn drive the purchasing decision.

How Much Does It Cost to Get A Clipping Path Job for A Product Image

There is no fixed cost for a clipping path job in general. The cost depends on how complex the image is and how much time it would require to get the clipping done for that image. Some product image can take as little as five to seven minutes to clip where other image might take forty-five minutes or even more to clip.

Since time is money, cost will depend on the time it takes. For example, if a graphic designer charges $40 an hour and the specific image takes 30 minutes to clip, then that specific product will cost around $20 to clip.

How to Save Money on Clipping Path Job by Outsourcing

Graphic designers or photo editors cost a lot in the developed countries like USA or Canada. Companies that need five, ten, twenty or even forty graphic designers to process their product images find it cost efficient and productive to simply outsource their clipping path job to offshore outsourcing companies. Not only they can save money in the process of outsourcing; they can use the saves time in a productive way by focusing on other business processes that demands their increased attention.

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