Why Sound Design in Horror Gaming Matters

You may not think about the sounds when you play a video game, but believe me, if you were to turn off the speakers, you would lose half of the gaming experience. Sounds in the horror genre are especially important.

They are not only there to fill the void, but they can influence our emotions and create a lot of tension, be it a horror movie, video game, or slot game. In this article, we are digging deeper into the importance of sound design in horror gaming with the help of Polish iGaming expert, Jacek Michałski.

Horror Sounds in Casino Games

Polish players can find a long list of online casinos on review sites. These casinos offer lots of different games such as poker, blackjack or bakarat gra. However, if playing games and being scared go hand in hand with you, you can try some scary casino games too.

Horror-themed slot games are very popular in online casinos. In these games, the gameplay is obviously not as complex as in video games, so the game designers have to work even harder to spook the players. Scary sounds can be the eerie laughter of the creepy clown, the screams of the vampire’s victim, or the evil screeching of crows.

Playing traditional casino games is not exactly scary, but it will surely get the adrenaline pumping through your veins. They are exciting, and this is why there are so many good movies with realistic casino scenes in them. 

Horror Sounds in Video Games

There are so many horror video games out there and they all have one thing in common. Their sound design is super important. No matter if you play Resident Evil 7 on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or Xbox creepy sound effects really work in this game.

Elements of sound design blend perfectly with the soundscape as Ethan Winters is trying to save his missing wife. Music and sound design are matched in a surprisingly perfect way and this unique soundscape accompanies the flow of the game, heightening suspense when something scary is about to happen.

Silent Hill 2 is another great example of a game where the sounds were made just perfect. This survival game has several unique design elements such as the radio the player carries. When you get close to the enemy a static sound is emitted through the radio, increasing suspense. Wait a little while and the sound will blend with monster vocalizations that are just terrifying. Once the battle is over, you will be rewarded by silence though so you can catch your breath.

Horror game sound effects, music, and ambient sound can amplify and even drive the suspense and fear in video games and are essential parts of your gameplay.

VR Horror Game Sound Effects

Sound effects are even more important in virtual reality horror gaming. While playing VR games, players are most likely wearing headphones so the sounds are even more intense, and they can come in the most realistic sounding stereo.

A technique called panning is heavily used in VR games. It is when you hear a sound in one ear and a second later you hear it in the other ear, completely appearing as if you would be physically in the environment. You may hear footsteps behind you, or a door being shut, perhaps a monster is lurking nearby.

Things can’t get much scarier than that! Virtual reality would be nothing without sounds. In fact, in our opinion, the sound is even more important than the visuals, so turn up the volume and enjoy VR gaming to the full!


Sounds in horror games heighten suspense and help the game become really immersive. Even simple horror slot games may spook you with the right soundtrack, but if you have the right sound system including a subwoofer or a VR headset, video games will feel completely realistic and immersive.

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