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The keto diet is not only popular but also effective. This low-carbohydrate diet that has made it to the media several times this year is the way to lose weight and improve your health. What makes the keto diet different from the bulk of the diet methods is that it does not require an expensive monthly subscription and is not one or another hype that everyone wants to skip. After all, the diet is almost 100 years old, with the first mentions going back to the 1920s. No shakes that you have to use and no expensive diet plans compiled by diet gurus. As of now Giant Sports International sell supplements to help with low carb, low sugar dieting. Tools are not required but can be useful to determine if you are doing well. Supplements are also not required but can help you minimize any side effects.

As you probably already read, ketosis is an important part of the keto diet. The numerous benefits that the diet offers are largely attributable to ketosis. You have less appetite, the blood sugar level remains under control and your weight decreases. When you start the diet you naturally want to know if you are in ketosis. You can measure this with the so-called ketosticks . These urine strips change color when you are in ketosis. If you are talking about a handy tool for the diet, these ketosis test strips are indispensable.


What many people have difficulty with in the ketogenic diet is putting together the daily diet. There is no set schedule that you can follow and you can know for yourself what you eat; as long as it has many fats, few proteins and very few or no carbohydrates. This sounds simple but in practice you may wonder what you should put on the table after a day of hard work. This is where the books on the ketogenic diet come in handy. The book that benefits most people is the ‘The Keto Diet’ book. This book provides a clear explanation and useful information about the Keto Diet including a large number of recipes.

MCT oil

For some users, an essential product for getting into ketosis is MCT oil. This oil is extracted from coconut and palm kernel oil and contains only medium-chain fatty acids. These are almost non-existent in the usual foods. The advantage of MCT oil is that you do not have to reduce the carbohydrates so badly. With the MCT ketogenic diet, a variant of the traditional ketogenic diet, 20 percent of carbohydrates can still be eaten while there is still ketosis. This is because MCT oil is absorbed directly into the blood, unlike other fatty acids.


Because you do not eat bread, rice and other fiber-rich foods during the ketose diet, you probably get less fiber than normal. This is also the reason why it is important to eat lots of low-carbohydrate vegetables during the diet. You need fibers for a healthy digestion and also give you the feeling of satiety after a meal. The food label states how many fibers it contains. A fiber supplement can offer a solution during the ketogenic diet. You can buy this at the drugstore or online.

Vitamins and minerals

During the ketogenic diet you eat less varied, which can lead to shortages. This does not happen quickly but if you follow the diet for a long period then this is possible. To prevent this, you can take a multivitamin supplement so that you get enough vitamins and minerals every day. Just like the fiber supplement you can buy the multivitamin at any drugstore, but also in many supermarkets and online.

With the ketogenic diet the attention is mainly on the electrolytes. These are minerals that help maintain the fluid balance in the body. The three best known electrolytes are sodium (Na), chloride (Cl) and potassium (K), but also magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca) play a role. As you read, you don’t need much to start the ketogenic diet. The tools and supplements are optional and not required. Do you think a certain supplement belongs to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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