Win 100% of Your Trades Forex Strategy

If you want to get into the forex market and win 100% of your trades, you must follow a simple guide to know this profitable trading. It is just like learning other skills which will reward you afterward once you get used to it or familiar with it. And since more than a trillion dollars are being traded daily, you need to be sure that you know what you are doing. This is one reason that a lot of people are interested in FX trading, simply because there’s so much money to be earned. On the other hand, many new traders will fail at it as they just don’t have down the fundamentals.

Forex Trading System

If you want to get into FX trading and wish to do it the best possible way, you surely want a trading technique. This will run on your system, keeping you connected to the market information 24/7 and even trading for you. That way, while you are learning, you can still earn money; however, this system will avoid losing money because of the costly mistakes you will likely make in trading.

Here’s a unique 100% win rate Forex trading strategy that I’m using right now:

This system is ideal for newbies as of their automation and doesn’t need any maintenance from the investor. Even if you like to try the effectiveness of the system, you can utilize a practice account to prove to yourself that this system will work. If you see how it reacts and trades, you will likely settle on to move into the real market.

Keep Your Mind on Daily Pivot Points

Paying closely to daily pivot points is vital if you are a day investor or trader; however, it is vital, although you are more of a swing trader, position trader, or just trade long-term timeframes. This is simply because of the simple fact that many other investors out there watch the levels of a pivot.

Sometimes the pivot Forex trading strategy is nearly like a self-fulfilling prediction. What is mean is that forex markets will frequently find resistance or support, or make turns, at pivot stages just because many investors will put orders at the mentioned levels as they certified pivot traders. Often, if significant trading moves arise pivot levels, there’s no truly basic reason for this move other than traders having put trades anticipating such as an action.

I am not saying that pivot trading must be the only basis of the trading techniques. Rather, what I am saying is that in spite of personal trading techniques, traders must keep an eye on these daily pivot points for signs of either potential market reversals or trend continuations. Pay attention to the pivot points as well as the trading activity which takes place around them as a verifying technical sign, which you can use along with no matter what your selected trading technique is.

Trading with an Edge

Successful investors are the ones that risk their fund when a chance in the forex market shows them with edges, something which enhances the opportunity of the trade they start being successful.

The edge could be a number of things, like simple as purchasing at price levels which have shown itself in the past as a level that offers considerable support for the forex market. Traders can boost their edge and the chance of success by having a number of technical aspects in their favor. Like for instance, once ten periods, fifty periods well as 100 periods moving standard all converge at a similar price stage, that must give substantial support as well as resistance for the market, as you need the action of trader who is basing the trading off any of the moving averages all working together.

The same edge given by converging technical signal comes up if different signs on many time frames come as one to give support as well as resistance. One good example is the price approaching the fifty-period moving standards on the fifteen-minute time frame at a similar price level where it is coming to the ten-period moving standards on the 4-hour chart.

Another good example of having many signs or signals in your arsenal is having the value hit a classified support as well as resistance level then having price move at which level show a possible market turnaround by the formation of candlesticks like a doji or a pin bar.

Make Technical Analysis Easier

There is almost an endless number of probable lines of technical analysis, which an investor can use to a graph or chart. However, more isn’t essential or even probably good. Considering a nearly limitless number of signals usually just serves to muddy the stream for traders, amplifying doubt, confusion as well as indecision, and causing traders to mess seeing the woods for the wood.

A simple forex trading strategy, one with only some trading regulations and needs consideration of a least indicators, is likely to work more efficiently to generate successful trades. As a matter of fact, we know one successful trader, a man who takes fund out of the market virtually every single trading day, a man who has zero technical indicators overlaid on his graphs, there is no trend lines, there are no moving averages, there is no professional advisors, no trading robots as well as no relative strength signal.

His simple analysis on forex trading markets needs nothing more than a standard candlestick graph. His strategy in trading is to trade high probability candlestick patterns like pin bars, also called shooting star patterns or hammer, which create at or near assistance and resistance value levels which is verified just by staring at the previous price of the market.

To Sum Up

Like other investment fields, the forex trading market has its own exceptional and remarkable features. To trade it lucratively and profitably, an investor should be familiar with these essential features through practice, time as well as study. Investors will do well to learn by heart the valuable tips to win 100% in trades shown in this Forex strategy.

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