Winter 2021 Fashion Dos and Don’ts

The coronavirus isn’t the only novel thing in the world. Novel circumstances mean fashion trends are being interpreted in new and creative ways. Even as we face a brave new world, that doesn’t mean all the rules are out the window. Read on to learn about winter 2021 fashion dos and don’ts.

Do Dress to Impress

Whether you’re looking to impress like you did with your New Years Eve outfit or searching for a fresh look for yet another Zoom meeting, choose pieces that flatter you and display your confidence. Go with bright colors like red and even orange, and luxurious fabrics such as velvet and cashmere. Bold patterns including floral prints are also trending strong this winter. Tying the knot this winter? Congratulations. The new year is the perfect time to engage in maximum drama. Think capes, ruffles, and elaborate sleeves.

Don’t Be Sloppy

After the year we just survived, this new one is all about actively displaying joy. Wear things that prove you put some effort into their selection, and above all, clothes that actually fit. This does not mean elastic-waist pants. Puffer jackets and quilting are trending for winter 2021, but to avoid looking like you wrapped up in your duvet, silhouettes should be tailored. In short, wear things that show you care about yourself and feel optimistic about the future.

Do Choose Versatile Pieces

Layers are always a good idea, and this year they’re an especially good one as we get out and about once again. Although it may be hard to imagine, you might actually be busy enough to need an outfit for the gym AND one for brunch with the ladies afterwards. The shacket is one such versatile piece: part shirt, part jacket, it’s thicker than your average blouse but lighter than a coat so you can easily layer with a lightweight tee or heavier overcoat.

Do Get Cozy With Faux Fur

Environmentalism and respect for nature is always in style. The days of the full-length milk coat are almost certainly over but we still love the look, feel, and warmth of fur. Hence the need for a replacement. Puffy tufts on lapels and cuffs are especially hot this winter. Faux shearling trim adds coziness to an eco-friendly pleather jacket, perfect for cold winter days. A faux fur coat easily takes you from work to a night on the town. Also fun for cocktails or an elegant dinner out is a faux fur bubble vest.

Don’t Mix & Match Animal Prints

As chic as faux fur is, don’t go too wild with contrasting animal patterns. If you’ve decided on a leopard piece, save the zebra print shoes for another day. The key to wearing animal patterns is to keep it simple. If your top is wild, the bottom half should be plain. When rocking a print dress, the shoes should be either nude or plain black. If your shoes must match, they should only contain a touch of the print with a neutral shade such as black, white or beige as the dominant tone. You can always tone down a print by wearing a cool or neutral but coordinating-hued cardigan or wrap over top.

Do Keep Your Style Intact

Loungewear hit new heights this past year, but we all need to get out of the same old stretchy pants at some point. While no one expects you to wear a suit all the time, be sure your casual clothes convey sophistication. Go for velvet pajamas, a luxurious silk robe or, for a splurge, a cashmere tracksuit. It’s been a long year. You’ve earned it.

Barry Lachey

Barry Lachey is a Professional Editor at Zobuz. Previously He has also worked for Moxly Sports and Network Resources "Joe Joe." he is a graduate of the Kings College at the University of Thames Valley London. You can reach Barry via email or by phone.

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