10 Ways to Prevent Electric Hazards with Pets

Electric Hazards with Pets

As a pet parent, there are a lot of things you need to make a mental note of when having pets around. One of the most dangerous accidents comes with electric hazards that can lead to electrocution and eventually the death of the pet. Only a qualified and licensed electrician should be used to ensure your home or business is safe for both humans and pets. 

Avoiding such circumstances is very necessary as a pet parent. Here are 10 tips that might help you secure your pet’s surroundings and help them steer clear of any electric hazard. 

  • Unplug Cords While Not In Use
10 Ways to Prevent Electric Hazards with Pets 1

Always remember to unplug the cords from the socket when the device is not in use. This will reduce the chances of your curious pet being electrocuted which can prove fatal.

Some of us unknowingly keep devices like television plugged in. This can be dangerous for our pets. So, always remember to unplug your devices when not in use. Doing this will also reduce the chances of a short circuit or a fire hazard.

  • Use Good Electrical Equipments
10 Ways to Prevent Electric Hazards with Pets 2

One of the most important factors you need to get checked is that you use only the best electrical equipment. Never use electric fittings that are not quality checked or certified. Using low-quality equipment can cause electrical hazards and fire hazards easily. 

Cheap is not always the best when it comes to buying eclectic equipment. Always invest in the best products and prioritize quality over cost to avoid accidents and to ensure the safety of the lives of both you and your pet. 

  • Don’t Leave Electric Cords Lying Around
10 Ways to Prevent Electric Hazards with Pets 3

Do not leave electric cords lying around unattended. As a pet parent, you might understand that anything and everything can be a toy for your pet. An unattended electric cord is also a toy in the eyes of your pet. 

Always make sure your pet does not chew on cords or play with them. If you have accidentally left a cord and you doubt your pet has chewed on it or played with it, check for signs of electrocution. If you feel your pet is in danger, visit a veterinarian as soon as possible.

  • Keep Cords In Use Away From The Pet’s Reach
10 Ways to Prevent Electric Hazards with Pets 4

Keep all your electric cords and wires away from the reach of your dog. Try placing these cords in a higher place or tie them away from the sight of your pet. 

Always remember to not let your pet go near electric cords or outlets, especially if they are in use. This can result in electrocution and can cause the death of the pet. If you are planning to remodel your home, it is best to keep your pet in mind during the improvement and remodeling process.

  • Train Your Pet Well
10 Ways to Prevent Electric Hazards with Pets 5

The best preventive measure to keep your pet safe from electric hazards is to train them to stay away from places where electric cords or outlets are present. If you teach your pet that a certain place is off-limits, they might refrain from going to the particular place. 

Pets can be curious and that is okay as long as it is safe. Always teach your pet to stay away and keep his curiosity off places where an electric hazard can take place. 

  • Use Protectants 
10 Ways to Prevent Electric Hazards with Pets 6

When you use electric pieces of equipment, it is necessary to make sure that they are protected and well maintained. You can find caps that cover outlets and other such amazing inventions that will help protect your pet from electric hazards. 

You can find protection for all types of electric connections. For example, you can find high-quality solar PV protectants from Beny.com and they maintain strict quality standards to bring only the best equipment for your use. 

  •  Keep Your Pet Away From An Electric Hazard Area
10 Ways to Prevent Electric Hazards with Pets 7

Always train your pets to keep off areas where electric hazards are the highest so that they can be safe from electric hazards or fire hazards. 

If you see your pet wandering off to areas like behind the dryer where there can be electric cords and outlets, take them away or reprimand them. This will ensure your pet is safe from electric hazards.

  • Repair Broken Cords or Outlets
10 Ways to Prevent Electric Hazards with Pets 8

Always make sure to repair broken cords and outlets to prevent fire hazards or electric hazards. Chances are your pet might wander off and play with these broken cords that can end up electrocuting them. 

Broken cords are unsafe for everyone near it and also for the house and the device that uses it plug it in. Always remember to discard the broken or torn chords and replace them with new ones. 

  • Do Not Forget The Outdoor Cords
10 Ways to Prevent Electric Hazards with Pets 9

Do not forget the cords that lie outside the house. When your pet goes outside to play or relieve himself, he might wander off and come in contact with an outdoor cord or outlet. 

Teach your pet where not to go and where not to dig in the backyard. If you notice your pet wandering in a hazardous area, always remember to reprimand him or take him away from there. This should also be kept in mind while you take him out on walks so that he does not go near unattended cords. 

  • Make Sure They Do Not Go Near Devices Likely To Get Them Electrocuted
10 Ways to Prevent Electric Hazards with Pets 10

Make sure your pet does not go to places or play around with devices that are likely to get him electrocuted. Keep an eye on him everywhere he goes and make sure he does not go near places that are dangerous for him.

This applies to every place, even outside homes. When you take him out to play or when you take him out for a walk, keep an eye on him so that he does not go near electric cords or outlets that might get him electrocuted. 


Pets are just like babies and they need extra care and attention especially when it comes to electric and fire hazards. If you notice your pet has come in contact with an electric cord and has become electrocuted, take him to the vet as soon as possible. 

Always keep your electric connections in check and use high-quality equipment and protectants to keep your pets and family safe.

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