14 Secrets Hotel Staff and Management Don’t Tell Their Guests

14 Secrets Hotel Staff and Management Don’t Tell Their Guests

Spending time in a hotel can be a great getaway from your everyday obligations. Whether it is for business or pleasure, everyone deserves to get their money’s worth when they book into a hotel. For thrill-seekers, planning and saving for a dream vacation fulfils their sense of adventure. The most exciting travel itineraries feature visiting exotic resorts, touring the wild, enjoying exotic cuisines, relaxing in the beach, attending concerts and so on; but when considering the perfect nightlife, the world’s best casino resorts offer the most exhilarating experiences. The one constant factor in all these is staying at a hotel of your choice.

Behind the neatly made bed, well-equipped bathrooms and the room service that comes with a free smile, there is a lot that happens behind the scenes that the management or hotel staff try to be secretive about. Some of the secrets make your stay at the hotel comfortable while others can make your stay unpleasant. Here are some of the secrets you need to know before you book your next hotel

1. You can cancel your reservation for free

Most hotels have a policy that requires reservations to be cancelled within a certain period, failure to which you will be charged regardless of whether you stayed or not. However, there is a way to cancel your reservation for free. All you have to do is call the hotel and postpone your reservation to a date where cancellation fee does not fall.

2. You can get your bags carried to your room

Unless you stay in a fancy hotel you can’t expect a Bellman or Portman anymore. The service of having your bags carried to your room is a service no longer available to the vast majority of hotel guests. What no one will tell you is that the door-to-door baggage service you can order from luggage delivery companies will bring your bags to your room, and pick them up when it’s time to send them back.

3. Bedspread is rarely washed

It is advisable that you request clean linen every time you check-in. Bedspreads are never cleaned unless there is a visible stain on them. If there is a top sheet between the bed and down duvet, chances are it is never cleaned. You should remove it before getting into bed.

4. Germs are everywhere

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There are hundreds of people who have passed through your hotel room before you. Some items such as doorknobs, TV remote, light and phone switches are barely cleaned. You must carry some anti-bacterial wipes and clean them before use.

5. Drinking glasses cleaned with dirty towels

Remember the drinking glasses in your hotel room? Often you find them in the bathroom, nicely placed on the sink. We would recommend washing them before use. In many hotels the cleaning staff will only rinse the glasses and drye them off with one of the towels used by you, or the previous guest. 

6. Your breakfast is not really free

The conventional thought is that the best things in life are given free, and most hotels claim to offer free breakfast. Well, it’s not really free. The truth is, your breakfast fee is incorporated in your room accommodation fee.

7. You will get cheaper rates if you call and book yourself

Hotel managers can give you discounts that online booking sites cannot. Check the hotel rates online and then call the hotel and ask if you can get a better deal. Chances are you will get a discount if you book a hotel room directly.

8. Bad behaviour inspires poor service

If you disrespect the hotel workers or look down on them, you are likely to get bad service. Most of the workers work under the principle ‘respect is earned’. If you fail, they will make sure they look for ways to make your stay unpleasant and uncomfortable.

9. A 5-star hotel doesn’t guarantee a clean room

Many people think that the more they pay for a room, the better the services which is not always the case. Research has it that there are some 3 star and 4-star hotels which are cleaner than 5-star hotels.

10. Death instances in the hotel

Hundreds of people pass through hotels and deaths are not infrequent. They, however, keep this information a secret to prevent bad publicity.

11. Rooms are more expensive in the morning

When you book a room in the morning, chances are you will pay more. The best time to book is between 5 pm to 6 pm when reservations secured via credit cards are freed up. Booking early gives the hotel the impression that you don’t have limited options and hence charge you more.

12. Tip the housekeeper every day

If you are staying in a hotel for a long duration, you will most likely get services from one housekeeper. Instead of tipping them on your last day, break it down to daily tips. The truth is, people are not so generous with tips anymore and the housekeeper knows she may get a tip, or she may not. If you tip everyday instead on the last day, you will for sure get better service every day, when you need it. After you leave, what do you care?

13. Bring your own towels

It is advisable that you carry your own towels, especially when you are staying in a hotel for an extended period. Hotel towels have been used by previous occupants who cleaned their body fluids, spills and many other things that are simply off-putting. Some hotel staff will also encourage you to check in with your own. It’s only hygienic.

14. Getting a hotel upgrade is easy

Hotel staff are always asked to ensure their clients are comfortable and enjoy their stay. You can get free breakfast or a room upgrade from just telling the management that you are celebrating something could be a birthday or an anniversary. Asking for service in front of other people also puts the hotel workers’ in an awkward position and chances are they will not say no.

The described tips are meant to let you make the most out of your hotel experience next time you plan to book in.

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