20 Most Common Last Names Starting with B in the U.S.

Last Names Starting with B

The leading trend of utilizing the last names as the popular first names for kiddos has picked up lately. If you want to upkeep the trend, let’s have a look at the list of common surnames that would make a top-notch list of surnames for your newborn!

This article is all about enlisting common surnames, starting with B. But before that, we must tell you something even better.

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Top 20 Last Names in the US, Starting with B

1.     Brown

You must be a citizen of the U.S. and looking for common surnames starting with B. Therefore, this Scottish, English, and Irish originated surname ‘Brown’ ignites the list from the last decade, which means ‘old French or English brun.’

2.     Baker

The surname ‘Baker’ implies ‘the old English bakere,’ which is an occupational surname. It is also a derivative of baking. Your kiddo may have a significant willingness towards baking cupcakes, and he will love that!

3.     Bell

The popular surname ‘Bell’ has derived from Scottish and Northern English. Moreover, such an outstanding metonymic occupation surname is used in diverse applications and being a topographic name; it indicates ‘at the bell.’

4.     Bailey

The famous surname ‘Bailey’ is mainly an occupational surname that belonged to Irish and English origin. USA citizens used this meaningful surname for some years as it has a profound meaning of ‘from Bailiff’ or ‘to deliver.’

5.     Brooks

The ‘Brooks’ family name was derived from the USA, Canada, Scotland, and the U.K. This prominent surname is considered the most common surnames starting with B, which means ‘dwelling near a brook or a stream.’

6.     Bennett

Bennett has powerful English roots, and a dulcet English language surname derived from ‘Benedict.’ As Benedict means ‘blessing,’ therefore, ‘Bennett’ also means ‘blessed.’ Other leading forms of Bennett are Benoit and Benet.

7.     Butler

This popular surname ‘Butler’ has originated from English and Irish ancestry. However, the surname has been combined with various places and people. It could be both, either an English occupational name or a wine steward, from the French Norman term ‘Butuiller.’

8.     Barnes

‘Barnes’ is the most precious yet rare surname, originating from old English beorn. Being a mighty topographic name for those who resided by or worked at a barn, it also means ‘young warrior.’ Your baby might be one of the eminent warriors soon!

9.     Burns

The surname ‘Burns’ has countless origins, and in significant cases, it has been said to be derived from the ‘Middle English or scots burn.’ However, it is also a common last name starting with B in the U.S., an Anglicized term of the Irish ó Broin, where it means ‘lineage of Bran.’

10.  Bryant

Bryant is the most excellent yet interesting surname that belonged to Old Breton-Irish origin and derived from the Celtic personal name ‘Brian.’ It consists of truly vintage ancestry, and its associated element ‘bre’ means ‘Brigh’ (a Goddess) or ‘hill’ or ‘strong.’

11.  Black

Black is the most appealing surname widely used in the USA, and it is related to the darkest color, ‘Black.’ It is also generally a descriptive surname, which means one who is dark-complexioned and black-haired. Moreover, it is also an occupational surname adopted by a cloth dyer, who is renowned in black dyes.

12.  Boyd

It has ranked as the top 12 popular surnames in the USA, which is a vintage Scottish surname and attached to ‘Simon.’ However, this common last name starting with B generally means ‘yellow’ or ‘blond.’

13.  Baptiste

This surname is an eminent one for boys, especially with strong French roots, which means ‘Baptist.’ It is one of the top 100 boy surnames in the USA and France.

14.  Bard

‘Bard’ is an exclusive Irish variation of ‘Baird’, which means ‘minstrel’ and ‘poet.’ Moreover, it is a superior Irish middle name choice for Shakespeare admirers.

15.  Beckett

The surname ‘Beckett’ has both English and Irish roots, meaning ‘bee hive, bee cottage, and little brook.’ It is one of the trendiest yet common last names, starting with B of this decade!

16.  Boone

The surname ‘Boone’ is the most accredited baby boy’s name, which means ‘a blessing.’ USA parents have widely accepted this surname, albeit its origin from English and French.

17.  Breccan

This trendy yet common surname ‘Breccan’ has Irish roots, where it means ‘speckled and freckled.’ Some advanced parents try to upgrade the spelling to ‘Brecken.’

18.  Bingham

This famous baby boy’s surname ‘Bingham’ means ‘homestead at a hollow.’ It is at the same time a unique and unusual surname opted by Matt Bellamy and Kate Hudson for their son.

19.  Bronson

Have your baby landed with browned hair? You must give him a cute surname, ‘Bronson,’ which means ‘son of a brown-haired one.’ It has both ancient and modern touch, and you must contemplate a muscular image that comes via hulk guy Charles Bronson.

20.  Bronte

It is mainly a common last name starting with B for girls, which has the Greek meaning ‘thunder.’ However, in place of ‘Prunty,’ which is a leading Irish surname, means ‘successor of Proinnteach.’ This incredible yet lovely surname becomes an exclusive choice for every parent in the USA.

Concluding words

In the USA, ‘Brown’ was the most crucial choice of surnames in the 1990s and still retained its place after so many years. However, your little one will definitely appreciate your choice if you gift him/her any of those surnames as mentioned above.

This rounded up a good list of the top 20 common last names starting with B includes only the classy and appealing surnames. From innovative surnames to titles that sustain royalty, you need to visit CocoFinder today to check out frequently evolving surnames from previous censuses.

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