3 Interesting Statistics and Facts About iPhones

Interesting Statistics and Facts About iPhones

Apple, the technology company famous for its apple logo and sleek, innovative iPods, is worth a bewildering number—over $2 trillion, to be exact. 

Midway through 2020, they officially broke the record of being the most valuable publicly-traded company in the US. In addition to their astounding net worth, they’ve doubled in valuation over the last two years. And when the number you start with is already skyscraper high, doubling that is hard to fathom.

Apple is a fascinating manufacturer of wonderful products. Here, we look at a notable one: the iPhone. We highlight a few interesting facts about iPhones that both users and non-users will find interesting. 

Let’s continue!

1. The First iPhone Was Invented in the Early 2000s

You might be looking at your refurbished iPhone one day and think: “When did the prototype of this phone come out? It must have been decades ago.”

It might be later than you’d think. At this point, it feels like we’ve always had iPhones.

But the first iPhone model ever worked on was from the 2006/7 years. It was an undercover mission, too—Apple developed the iPhone in secret (even from certain employees) and used code names like Purple 2 and M68 to talk about the iPhone in public.

Once perfected to Apple’s liking, the design was first sold to consumers in June of 2007.

2. There Have Been Over 1 Billion iPhones Sold

When Apple was first introduced, Steve Jobs had high hopes. He wanted Apple to be the go-to supplier for 1% of the cell ph one market. Well, he got all that and more—he currently has a foot in 20 to 40% of the worldwide 


Of course, no one dominates that significantly without having a lot of products sold under their belt. Apple has sold well over one billion iPhones to date. The final count sits at 2.2 billion as of November 2018.

But, it could be far beyond that. That same month, Apple said it would stop reporting sales figures for the iPhone.

3. iPhone Ads Always Show the Time as 9:41

Have you ever noticed, when looking at Apple ads or seeing them pass by in commercials, that iPhones always display the time as 9:41? If not, you will now!

That’s not an accident. On that fateful June day in 2007, Steve Jobs announced the iPhone’s release to his audience at exactly 9:42 AM. (Yes—42, not 41). After that moment, all Apple products began displaying 9:41 in ads.

When Steve Jobs announced the first iPad in 2010, the time was 9:41. From then on, all Apple products display the time 9:41.

Enjoy These Fun Facts About iPhones, Whether You’re an Apple Fan or Not

There’s no denying it: Apple is a company worth watching.

If you thought this list was interesting, know it’s not exhaustive. There are so many fascinating facts about iPhones—this only begins to touch the surface. When you’re finishing reading up about iPhones, think about all the other products they offer!

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