3 Types of Vinyl Decals All Storeowners Must Install This Shopping Season

Vinyle Decals

Signs inside retail stores are vital marketing tools. They’re the first and the last things that clients see when entering or exiting the store. The right signs can increase the flow of traffic inside brick-and-mortar stores. Signs that are appealing and engaging can even persuade customers to make purchases.

The best type of retail signage is vinyl decal. Decals are more durable versions of stickers. They’re made of vinyl – a material that is known for being “fade-proof.” These decals don’t tear or lose their stickiness even if they experience weather or sunlight damage. Synthetic, weather-resistant decals made from vinyl are ideal marketing tools because –

  • These decals come in various eye-catching versions. For instance, gloss matte, and semi-gloss decals are all very eye-catching. They instantly boost a store’s internal and external appearance.
  • They’re resistant to humidity, moisture, wind, and sunlight damage. These qualities make custom decals extremely affordable. These decals are super-durable and can serve store owners for months.
  • Printing on decals is very easy. Storeowners can print colorful, bright images and marketing messages on their decals. They can use their decals as long-lasting advertising tools.

Vinyl is a super-resilient form of plastic made of ethylene, chlorine, and crude oil extracts. It’s very durable and “print-friendly.” All brick-and-mortar storeowners should consider installing these decals inside and outside of their stores.

But, all retail decals are not created equally. What type of visual merchandising does your store need? Here are three types of custom decals you should consider installing inside and outside of your store-

Decals as Outdoor Signs to Attract Customers

Your outdoor decals will help create positive first impressions on target customers. Make sure your outdoor decals have bright and compelling designs. Also, use smart marketing messages to capture the attention of target customers passing by your brick-and-mortar store.

  • Custom print your store/brand name, brand logo, and business tagline on your outdoor decal.
  • Print humorous marketing messages on your decals. Vinyl is a reusable material. These decals don’t leave sticky residues when you uninstall/reinstall them. Use different decals throughout the year. For example, use decals featuring festive messages during the festive season.
  • Make sure the copy on your outdoor decals is easily readable.  

Decals for In-store Communications

Many brick-and-mortar store owners have set up contactless payment systems. These systems allow store owners to provide faster, contact-free, and seamless checkout experiences to customers. But, how can customers follow the instructions on how to use the store’s contactless payment systems? In-store decals that display instructions!

Decal printing is cheap and easy. Print easy-to-understand directions and guidelines on your decals. Print safety guidelines, social-distancing rules, directions, and other important store-related information on your decals.

Decals as Promotional Tools 

The design options for custom decals are virtually limitless. Store owners can print all types of lettering, logos, information, high-quality images, etc., on their decals. Custom print your promotional decals and use them to attract prospective customers. Install these decals on store windows, doors, walls, etc.

Install these three types of decals in your store to drive sales and boost your brand’s popularity!

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