4 Common Lawn Fertilization Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Lawn Fertilization

Every year Americans spend nearly 50 billion dollars on lawn and garden care.

But many are buying the wrong things. As a result, they either kill their grass or stunt its growth.

If you want a beautiful and healthy lawn avoid these common lawn fertilization mistakes by reading the guide below!

Mistake #1: Poor Timing

One of the most common fertilization mistakes is fertilizing during the wrong season. The absolute worst time to fertilize any lawn- no matter where you live is during the hottest days of the year.


Research when to apply fertilizers in your state. Speak with local nurseries if you are unsure or hire someone like Holmes Lawn & Pest to take care of it for you. The general rule of thumb is:

  • Warm climates(especially the south): apply in late spring or early summer
  • Cool climates: apply in early fall

Mistake #2: Overwatering After Fertilizing

Your lawn needs watering after fertilization, the question is how much?

The reason you water after fertilizing is to prevent fertilizer blades from burning. Most people go to town with their hoses and drown their grass. This creates a pool of fertilizer that suffocates your grass and washes away the nutrients in your fertilizer.


After applying fertilizer, water your lawn just enough to soak the soil about five inches deep. You can insert a wooden stick to see how far it gets moistened.

Mistake #3: Skipping Aeration Before Fertilizing

Soil aeration is the process of creating 1.5 to 6-inch holes across your entire lawn. The holes are generally spaced 2 to 5 inches apart by an aerating tool. If you don’t aerate your lawn before applying fertilizer it can’t get past the surface of your soil.


Aeration generally only needs to be done once a year, but of course, the idea of putting a bunch of tiny holes in your entire lawn can seem a bit tedious. The best way to aerate your whole lawn quickly is to hire a professional.

If you prefer to DIY you can buy a pair of aerating sandals or an aerating rotary. You can also use a simple fork to punch holes into your soil.

Mistake #4: Buying the Wrong Fertilizer

Using the wrong fertilizer can kill your grass. Don’t just buy the generic lawn fertilization formula or what’s on sale. Fertilizing is a lot of work but you only need to do it once a year so don’t waste your efforts.


Conduct a soil test before fertilizing. Then determine what pH ratio and nutrients your soil needs.

Avoid These 6 Common Lawn Fertilization Mistakes for Thriving Grass

Are you finding yourself guilty of committing one or maybe a few of these common lawn fertilization mistakes?

Luckily grass is pretty responsive to proper care. You can always hire a professional to help you recover your grass and then maintain a lawn fertilization routine.

For more home and garden tips, check out our blog!

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