4 Secrets Pro-Gamblers Don’t Want You to Know

4 Secrets Pro-Gamblers Don't Want You to Know

Pro-Gamblers are few and far between, and the reason for that is it isn’t easy. However, there are some rules that they follow that allow them to do what they do, and they would much rather they didn’t become public knowledge. They are not what you might expect, and while you might think that these figures are the center of attention, winning big all the time like some scene in a movie, the reality is far more interesting.

1. Don’t Draw Attention to Yourself

Any gambling establishment, either online or offline, aren’t the biggest fans of pro-gamblers, are very watchful, and tend to ban them as soon as they see a pattern emerging. For that reason, pro gamblers stay under the radar, try and win more than they lose over time, and spread the risk over several accounts at different establishments so that they can keep what they are doing under wraps as much as possible. This will also involve sometimes deliberately doing something stupid to try and make it look like they are not quite so knowledgeable after all.

2. Don’t be Superstitious

Pro gamblers don’t believe they are lucky, and every win and loss is the result of careful research and sticking to their plan. They don’t tend to have a lucky shirt or are overly swayed by trying to sit or stand in the same place as they did last time they won. They won’t keep pouring money into a slot because they have seen a certain pattern and think that means it’s going to pay out or think they are going to be more successful on the blackjack tables just because it happens to be a Friday. They know that the best online casinos are run using verified random number generators so that any patterns that occur are purely coincidental.

3. Don’t act Emotionally

Many pro-gamblers have a system that means that, while they don’t win every time (or even most of the time), they will win more cash than they lose in the long run. They do this by sticking to a plan and not veering from it without long periods of testing and only making decisions based on data and not emotion. So, you won’t find them betting on something that doesn’t meet their criteria because they are chasing a run of losses or because they want a winning streak to continue. The weakest part of any strategy is typically the person using it, and pro gamblers know this.

4. They are bank builders

The final thing pro gamblers don’t want you to know is that they build their bank to a certain level before withdrawing. This means that rather than withdraw and spend their winnings from day one, they will keep reusing those winnings until their bank reaches five or ten grand, and then use that as their base level and withdraw any profits over that.

Staking plans typically involve a wager of between 1% and 5%, so building over time takes patience to get to that sort of level. This is why pro gamblers are few and far between, as doing this while keeping a low profile and not letting emotion creep in or being affected by superstition is a hard thing to do.

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