4 Useful Apps for Writing

4 Useful Apps for Writing

Writing is an essential thing for every well-educated person in the world. It serves as evidence of the development of our personality and professional skills. People whose day-to-day life is closely connected with the execution of written materials, operation with documents, or even creating fiction should do their best to guarantee their writings are of upscale quality.

And let’s not forget about students who spend around 90% of their time carrying out written assignments of different levels of complexity. Hence, whenever they experience the lack of high-quality writing abilities, attendees of various tertiary institutions look for certified assistance from custom writing help resources such as Paper Writer, which ensure outstanding aid in the execution of academic tasks.

Some people are natural-born writers, and they wish their level of abilities to be equal to how much passion they feel for their favorite activity. And that is where numerous virtual writing applications and platforms come in. The apps mentioned below are regarded as one of the top-rated programs for novice writers, sophisticated authors looking for novel writing software, and students working on their essays.


One of the most known apps for writing is Evernote, the primary purpose of which is to help writers outline their ideas and thoughts to use them in future blog posts, or even books. It is an essential application for authors who know better than anyone how fleeting moments of inspiration are. Evernote is also a great tool to pool the writing enthusiast from the frightening writer’s block. Hence, it is undoubtedly an excellent note-taking program for everyone who is involved in writing.

Here, it is also possible to save some extracts, articles, and personal prompts to further develop a story, essay, or even novel. Evernote also shows off several other functions worth noting, such as dictation mode that will instantly allow the user to take voice notes and transcribe them into a text. Besides that, this writing tool implies integrations, teamwork, and much more. Evernote is free to download for both Android- and iOS-powered portable gadgets, or it can be used directly in the Internet browser. 


Such a virtual application for writing as Scrivener is highly recommended as a program for long-form works. It is perfect for those avid writers who work on:

  • Essays
  • Academic papers
  • Articles for newspapers and magazines
  • Reports
  • Books, etc. 

This writing tool might also come in handy to those who enjoy blogging. Scrivener beats down Microsoft Word when it comes to a conventional word processor.

Such a writing app makes it easier for authors and students to organize their thoughts and ideas. People using Scrivener, admit that it is much simpler to have their finger on complex writing projects. And it is true for all existing forms of this program – that is, the desktop version and mobile writing application. The tool also boasts of a realm of keyboard shortcuts to boost the writing process. 

Scrivener is available for such operating systems as Windows and iOS. The free trial period lasts for about a month.


Having the legendary author Ernest Hemingway in mind, the developers of the next writing tool created a topnotch program to assist every interested writer in enhancing their writing and editing abilities. Its layout is pretty straightforward, and it is simple to use. Thus, the user pastes their text in the app field and receives useful suggestions for getting rid of extra words and eliminating any tautology and other mistakes. 

Besides, the Hemingway application offers to reformulate particular sentences from passive voice to active voice and much more. This helpful program for writing and proofreading is irreplaceable when an author or a student wants to reduce the word-count of their work without missing any crucial points. Hemingway Editor is free of charge.


The program that makes up a worthy competition to the famous Grammar is called Pro Writing Aid. This virtual writing tool represents an all-in-one application for passionate writers in need, as it includes writing tutor options, editing, and style of text correction. By analogy with its well-known rival, Pro Writing Aid highlights possible grammar mistakes and punctuation errors, sloppy transitions, improper vocabulary, vague definitions, etc.  

The app provides a free version, which allows writing enthusiasts and higher institution attendees to upload their texts and get a detailed report on the quality of its performance. Hence, ProWritingAid helps writers to improve the accuracy and clarity of their works almost in no time. 

Final Thoughts

Carrying out any kind of written material, whether it is a novel, a magazine article, or an academic paper, always represents a time- and energy-consuming activity. That is why not only experienced authors but college- and university-goers tend to seek for top-quality online writing programs and platforms to strengthen their writing skills. Luckily, nowadays, the world is replete with such indispensable assistants. The choice is yours! 

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