5 Common Questions Asked About Libido


How best do you relate to sex matters? Do you think and research it to understand it more? Do you feel like you are having more or less sex than others? Questions such as these always crop up in your mind once in a while. The same applies to the subject of libido. Is your libido high or low, how do libido gummies work. Libido can be complicated than most people think. If you have any concerns about your libido. Consult sexual health experts to learn more about it, if there is the best libido booster for women, among other things. Below are some common questions people wonder about libido.

  1. Is there a thing like too high or too low libido?

Too high or too low libido happens when your libido is bothering you in some way. Someone with a plummeted sex drive maybe because of health issues, such as depression. Pain during sex also causes you to have low libidos and it can cause distress to feelings around sex. Conditions like Compulsive Sexual Behavior show that you can have a very high sex drive even when you are facing challenges in your life. Thus, having too low or too high libido in most cases there is a medical issue behind it. 

  • What if my partner’s libido is higher?
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When your libido is high and your partners low, this is a sexual discrepancy but not a problem. As an example, you can think about how you and your partner desire food, sleep and exercise differently. Therefore, it is best not to blame one partner for having high or low libido to avoid creating tension. Also, it can be a problem if one partner takes the imbalance personally. For instance, feeling like your partner is avoiding you for they do not find you attractive. If as a couple you are facing this problem, have an open talk with each other to get solutions or other ways to meet your intimate needs. Trying out alternative methods such as Bremetide nasal spray may help things to get started.

  • Is there something like “normal” libido?
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Sexual health experts believe there is no normal libido. Only what feels natural, good, and satisfying to an individual when it comes to libido matters. For instance, you may not have any noticeable libido and be fine with that. Also, you may feel a level of sexual attraction every day and be okay with it too. But, libido can shift due to different factors. Today, there is a lot of misleading information in regards to libido as much as there are some hormones that are known to increase libido both in men and women. Besides, no matter your gender identity, sex and sexual orientation there is more room for what counts as “normal” libido.

  • Can I increase my libido?
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The sad thing is that the supplements and herbs in the market that claim they increase libido have no scientific evidence to support them. Besides, if you feel the need to increase your libido, it depends on why it was low in the first place. For instance, you could be having a medical issue such as painful sex that affects your desire. Sometimes it may be problems in the relationship that affects your sex drive, and it is up to both of you to amplify your closeness. Therefore, feed your responsive desire, when your spontaneous desire is low with physical intimacy that does not necessarily involve sex. Also avoid having sex as a duty to satisfy someone or to avoid a fight, for it leads to a negative sexual experience and a decrease in desire. 

  • Who to talk to if you are unhappy about your libido? 
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Seek professional help when your sex drive is causing you distress. Libido is a complex subject that your friend’s advice will not be of help. Through seeking professional help, you will learn the underlying issue and get help. A clinician who focuses more on sexual health is the best to get the right care for your issue. A sexual therapist will also help you with issues such as lack of communication and sexual desire discrepancy. No matter the case, know it is normal to want to achieve satisfying sex, and there is help out there to achieve it. 

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