5 Expert Productivity Tips to Level-Up Your Law Firm

Level-Up Your Law Firm

 Almost 70% of workers claim that they feel distracted or unproductive at the workplace. Unfortunately, law firms are included in this alarming statistic. With that being said, some things can be done in the workplace to increase productivity and get your team back on track.

What can you do? Don’t worry; we are here to help you! We have put together a list of the top 5 expert productivity tips that you need to implement in your office today.

Let’s get started!

1. Breakdown Complex Tasks

When you are working on a complex task that requires a lot of moving parts, it can save you time and energy to breakdown the task into more manageable sections. Try delegating to your team different aspects of the task and then handling the important measures yourself.

For example, if you are working on a real estate case, you can have someone working on things like the title search and local regulations while you work on handling face-to-face time with the client. This simple breakdown will help you get the work done faster and smarter.

2. Use Digital Organization Tools

Law firms, especially, can become overwhelmed with paperwork and client information. The mess of documents can take up valuable time and resources to organize and sort through. Consider making the switch to paperless and keeping track of all of your documents, appointments, meetings, etc., digitally to increase productivity.

The switch will help you manage your client’s portfolios and keep track of your staff’s personal information without the hassle of paperwork and filing. Additionally, digital tools like google docs can be easily shared amongst employees and clients.

3. Streamline the Office Layout

As you know, when you are in the thick of a case, the firm can become chaotic. Streamlining your office layout can prevent the need to run back and forth for important resources. Instead, everyone will be where they need to be and by what they need to be around.

4. Keep in Touch

If productivity seems stagnant, then it might be time to connect with your employees. A weekly or monthly meeting is a great way to review what is going right and what is going wrong at the firm. Getting feedback from the staff is a valuable way to determine what needs to be adjusted to increase workflow.

5. Automate Intake of Clients

You obviously want your clients to have the personal touch that each unique case needs; however, some things are the same for everyone. Intake is one thing that you should have a template for to speed up the process.

Whenever you have a new or prospective client, you should have an automated form ready for them to fill out. Consider providing a little detail about the firm and possibly some references for their benefit. From there, you can have them fill out all of their intake questions on their time rather than taking the information in the office.

The Best Productivity Tips for Your Law Firm

These key productivity tips will streamline your office and get things moving again! Keep this guide with you, and start implementing these practices today!

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