5 Reasons you Might Need a Family Lawyer

5 Reasons you Might Need a Family Lawyer

Law is a very diverse field that is split into many different sections; criminal, corporate, civil, to name but a few, and one field that you are likely to need several times in your life is family law. The list of legal services in family law is very long and includes the following.

  1. Child support & visitation rights – When kids are involved, both parents usually can come to an agreement over joint custody, but there are occasions when the case would be referred to a family court and you would need a family law attorney in Las Vegas in order to be sure of a favorable outcome. For some, the threat of losing contact with their child is enough to enlist the help of a leading family law attorney to give them the best chance of achieving a satisfactory outcome.
  2. Divorce & separation – Sadly, many relationships don’t last and this is a time when you do need a lawyer, one who is experienced in helping couples come to an agreement over asset division. Without legal advice, you could end up with a lot less than you should. Click here for more advice about seeking a divorce lawyer.
  3. Contesting a will – In the event you feel that you have been unfairly treated in a deceased family member’s will, there are legal actions you can take. Will contestation is a specialty for the family law firm
    and if the lawyer feels that you have a strong case, they might represent you on a ‘no win-no fee’ basis. You might also wish to make your own will, which is another service offered by your local family law firm.
  4. Pre-nuptial agreement – This is a legally binding agreement between two parties and it covers their assets and how they will be divided in the event the relationship ends. Many who are entering into a second or third relationship may have considerable wealth and wish to protect that. The lawyer helps the couple draft an agreement and then it is presented to a court and once approved, the agreement is legally binding and cannot be changed by either party.
  5. Adoption – If you are looking to adopt a child, you will need the services of a family law firm, who can make sure you come through the complex screening process and are successful. This process might take a long time and it is essential that you have legal counsel and assistance from a lawyer who understands the adoption process. An adoption application is not something you can afford to take any chances with, which is why you should approach a family lawyer Chicago at the very outset.

These are just some of the legal services offered by the Las Vegas family law firm and should you ever be in need of a family attorney, Google can help you locate an experienced lawyer who can offer you the best advice.

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