5 Sustainable Products You Can Buy to Help Offset Your Carbon Footprint From Traveling

Sustainable Products

Many consumers are switching to aico-zerowaste brands and products. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, where can you begin?

There are plenty of earth-friendly steps you can take right now to reduce waste and conserve energy. Take care of leaks around the house, bike or walk instead of taking a car, and bring reusable bags to stores are all great things you can do today.

If you’re taking a trip, offset your fuel use by using and packing eco-friendly products. Here are five great products that will help you contribute to a greener world.

1. Go Digital

Paper piles up and some of it eventually gets tossed in the trash. Are you guilty of filling up tons of notebooks, printing out documents, or creating piles of books you never read?

Why not go digital? There are electronic solutions to our paper problems.

There are notebooks that scan everything you write down and upload them to your computer. Put a library app on a digital book reader and you won’t have unread books cluttering your life.

2. Bottles and Cups

How many times do you purchase a cup of coffee or a bottle of water while on the go? Those paper cups or plastic bottles then end up in the trash.

Get a reusable ceramic coffee cup and a stainless steel water bottle to stay hydrated and cut down on waste.

3. Eco-Friendly Clothing

Believe it or not, there is harmful plastic in some of your clothes. Buying cheap clothes also means that your wardrobe breaks down and gets tossed quicker, too.

Switch to more eco-friendly clothing, like clothes made from recycled fabric or biodegradable shoes. Look for brands that use fabrics that aren’t as processed, like wool or cotton, when packing your travel bag.

4. Reusable Bags

Go shopping for souvenirs with reusable tote bags. Find one that folds down small so it’s easier to throw in your overstuffed suitcase.

Next, use mesh bags when shopping for produce at local shops. Look for reusable products like silicone sandwich bags and beeswax food wraps to cut down on waste when picnicking or grabbing a bite to eat.

5. Better Bathroom Goods

Your bathroom is the next place that could use some new, eco-friendly upgrades. Look for ways to reduce waste or to use only biodegradable products.

Use products like two in one shampoo and conditioner bars that don’t use as much plastic packaging as traditional shampoo. Look for biodegradable toothbrushes made of bamboo and go for floss in a glass jar instead of a plastic dispenser or simply use organic soap.

More Ideas to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

These five smart ideas will upgrade your life and reduce your carbon footprint on your travels. As you can see, it’s easier than ever to shift your spending habits and purchase great products that are good for the environment, too.

Try one or try all of them when trying to offset your fuel usage. No matter what, you’ve got a few quick and easy ways to start making a difference.

Want to learn more ways to go green in your life? Check out our other travel articles to stay in the know!

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