5 Webflow Alternatives to Create Your Free Website

5 Tips to Create Your Free Website

Creating a successful website is the dream of many businesses and also of entrepreneurs with ambitious personal brands. And if, in addition to being successful, it is free, then much better.

The good news is that today it is possible to create a website without any programming knowledge, especially considering how much it costs to create a website.

Webflow is a website builder aimed at web designers and doesn’t require any coding skills. However, the downside is that it has a steep learning curve and a high price tag, which means it’s not really for beginners. These beginners friendly Webflow Alternatives offer best features for building your website.

Here we suggest you the best platforms to create a free website:

Dorik CMS

If it’s about making free websites that look so professional that everyone thinks you’ve paid a lot of money for them, then Dorik CMS is ​​one of the best options for you. It is very popular because anyone can create a page in just few steps, starting with registration and ending with publishing the web page.

One of its strengths is in the knowledge of its public. It has led them to develop easy-to-edit templates for various specific industries like business, photography, design, health, travel, and many others. Also, their platform is integrated with SEO and marketing tools.


It is an exclusive tool to create online sales web pages, so if that is exactly what you are looking for, be sure to take a look at its functionalities, solutions and plans.

Quickly, this platform took over a large part of the South American market thanks to the fact that it allows great customization for its users. With this platform, you can create as many sections and pages of content as you want, in addition to the main attraction that will be the virtual store. In it, you will be able to highlight products and integrate the most used social networks to buy and sell.


With Shopify, more than 1.7 million online stores have been created, which have generated more than 200,000 million dollars in profits around the world. If you need proof that their services are reliable, that figure will suffice.

Shopify has a store that offers over 6,000 integrations to add features to your sales website. In addition, it has around 100 templates with high customization capacity to tailor your website.

This is one of the few online sales services that allows the dropshipping model. It also allows you to apply SEO and marketing strategies within the platform itself. It also supports eBay as a sales channel.

Like the other options on this list, you’ll be able to create a free website with Shopify for 14 days, and then you’ll have to choose one of their plans.

Jump seller

Preferred by more than 10,000 entrepreneurs to create their online sales website, Jumpseller is one of the most recognized E-commerce platforms in the Hispanic market.

You will find a lot of themes with high customization capacity, the possibility of integrating various sales channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Google Shopping, as well as the possibility of adding unlimited products and selling digital products.

Making free websites is truly free with Jumpseller, as their services include features that are normally paid for separately like free domain and SSL certificate.

With Jumpseller, you can create a free website to make online sales and try their services for 14 days before choosing a plan.


Without a doubt, SITE123 is one of the best alternatives to make free web pages. It has great strength in the Spanish-speaking market, so its website is completely adapted to our language. It is ideal for the creation of blogs, online stores and specific sites for certain niches such as music, creative arts or photography.

What is most surprising is how intuitive it is to use its professional creation tools, allowing those less skilled in design to obtain very good results despite having little knowledge or little practice.

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