5 Tips To Promote Seasonal Products As An Affiliate Marketer

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Seasons definitely impact the purchasing habits of consumers by making them spend more money compared to the rest of the year.

Affiliate marketers should learn to take advantage of this and promote seasonal products in an effective way.

Given below are some tips to promote products as an affiliate marketer.

1. Know Your Target Audience

In order to promote seasonal products effectively, you have to know your target audience. Seasons and special events are not the same in all places so the location of your audience will also play an important role.

Information about your audience will help you implement the right marketing strategies and plans. You can do this by examining your social media and website analytics.

Tools like Google Analytics, Hubspot and Facebook Insights can help you get extensive information about your audience like,

  • Age, gender and geographical location of your users.
  • Interests and preferences.
  • The kind of products they tend to purchase the most.
  • The seasons they celebrate.

For example, if Americans make up the majority of your audience, you can plan on promoting products which are related to 4th of July a few weeks before the actual date. Similarly if you find out that a lot of your users like Halloween, you can take advantage of heavy promotions during the Halloween season. JvZoo is one of the top Affiliate Networks. Check out jvzoo review.

2. Promote Your Products Through Social Media

You can promote seasonal products creatively through social media. Don’t forget to post previews and teasers of the products a few weeks before the actual season or event. This way, you will build up suspense and generate interest among your followers.

Design your social media posts creatively according to the season and theme. You can invest in paid advertising for your seasonal promotions. Seasons like Christmas and Halloween are peak seasons where people tend to splurge on a lot of products just for the season.

Affiliate marketers should take advantage of this and promote their products more heavily with the help of paid advertising. Facebook ads and Instagram ads can really do the trick and attract potential consumers.

3. Giveaways And Discount Codes

People are more likely to purchase your products if there are incentives or discounts associated with them.

Get people excited by promoting seasonal products on all your social media platforms along with other incentives they can receive. You can award a discount to every follower who likes and shares your post. This way, both you and your followers are benefitted.

You can also plan on doing seasonal giveaways. For example, during the back to school season, you can give away a school supplies bundle. Participants can enter the giveaway if they do certain things like liking, sharing or tagging their friends. This will give your products more exposure.

4. Blog Posts

Seasonal content which is related to an upcoming season or event can be written in the form of blog posts.

Creating content focused on a major season or event can increase traffic to your blog because search traffic increases and related topics trend days or weeks before the major season. You can use your previous year’s data analytics to understand which blog posts for the particular season performed well and which products were sold the most.

Make sure you plan your blog posts in advance. Don’t wait till the last minute and put out rushed and poorly written content. Try to promote your seasonal products through your content in a way which is different from your competitors.

5. Email Marketing

Send seasonal emails to your users promoting your products a few weeks before the season.

You can give them a small preview of what products you are planning to sell and get them interested. Make sure you include a personal note and your affiliate links in your emails.

The Ministry of Freedom gives a lot of useful tips regarding how you can make effective and engaging emails. If you are considering signing up for this affiliate marketing course, take a look at this Ministry of Freedom Review.


If seasonal promotions are done correctly, they can really boost the number of sales you make and even grow your business. Make sure the products you promote are in accordance with the season to maximize your sales.

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