5 Training Games Your Employees Will Love

5 Training Games Your Employees Will Love

One of the most joyous feelings a person can have is a sense of accomplishment. Employees are no different in that they enjoy a sense of pride and happiness when they achieve work-related goals.

Employees also benefit from a little friendly competition to encourage growth. This can also help them to collaborate better and build a sustainable, productive team.

We want to help you come up with some amazing employee training games. Below are five ideas for your team to try.


Role-playing is a great way to make training games more engaging for your employees. It has the potential to give a richer and more intense experience than other methods.

Role-playing allows employees to become more deeply connected with the topics being discussed and learn more actively and excitingly. This type of game also allows them to explore alternative ‘paths’ each time they play.

Ask your employees to take on ‘roles’ while they play, such as that of customers or supervisors, as they discover their power and responsibility in their roles. This type of training game can both entertain and motivate your team while they learn important topics or develop skills.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be a fun and exciting way to engage employees. It can help provide them with an opportunity to learn new problem-solving skills in a competitive environment. This type of training game:

  • increases motivation
  • boosts morale
  • increases engagement

Participants can be divided into small groups and each group receives a list of items or activities to complete. This can be done virtually or in person, depending on the current pandemic regulations. Each group is tasked with locating or completing the items on the list, with the fastest team earning bragging rights.

Not only does this game provide an exciting learning atmosphere, but it also encourages teamwork and collaboration. When teams are competing for the same goal, communication and cooperation are essential for success. Scavenger hunts can transform a dull training session into an adventurous learning game, allowing employees to work better together.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms offer a variety of games for players to choose from and enjoy. Participants will find:

  • puzzles and brain teasers
  • locked doors and secret keys
  • hidden objects and clues
  • timed challenges

Many games require the players to find a key to get out of the room, while others require the players to unscramble clues or decrypt puzzles to unlock the door. Other games involve looking for hidden objects and deciphering codes, while some games require teams to work in unison and communicate effectively. These are just a few of the exciting games that can be found in escape rooms.

In an organizational context, escape rooms can be used to emphasize the idea of collaboration and problem-solving within a team. These exercises can promote:

  • communication
  • teamwork
  • problem-solving skills

Custom-made escape rooms for organizations can be tailored to address key boardroom issues that need to be addressed or important soft skills. Escape rooms can also be used to foster better relationships between co-workers, as they are dependent on each member’s input to complete the task.

Furthermore, they provide a safe and very engaging environment in which to learn and grow. Escape rooms can be a fun and effective way to promote team building and skill development.


Pictionary is a great icebreaker and often helps to create connections between co-workers, even in remote teams. As a team-building exercise, it kicks off a session of learning with some fun. Pictionary has the great advantage of allowing your employees to be creative and think outside the box.

It encourages active participation and often brings out a different kind of energy. This can be used for intrapersonal team dynamics and communication. This game encourages problem-solving and tasks that require team brainstorming sessions.

By playing this game, your employees will have the opportunity to practice their public speaking and communication skills. They can focus on time management as they race against the clock.

If a facilitator guides them, they can learn even further thought processes and scientific concepts. This game is sure to bring creativity, collaboration, and fun to your employee training sessions!

Gamification Technology

Gamification technology is a powerful tool to make training engaging and effective for employees. Games designed to impart training can:

  • test knowledge
  • mimic real-life scenarios
  • measure agility

Examples of gamification for training that your employees will love include:

  • choose your adventure-style quizzes
  • true or false questions
  • virtual reality simulations

All of which evaluate overall employability. For instance, a true or false quiz encourages employees to quickly analyze facts and test their knowledge. This is achieved as they answer multiple-choice questions.

A virtual reality simulation immerses employees in a simulated environment. It measures their understanding of a situation or process. By harnessing gamification technology, employers can provide fun and interactive experiences for their employees that will improve:

  • engagement
  • productivity
  • retention

This technology offers a wide array of training games your employees will love. Businesses have increasingly seen the value in these games, as they can become a powerful tool for training, development, and employee engagement.

Consider These Training Games Your Employees Will Love

Training games that encourage collaboration and creativity not only make employees more productive. It will foster a culture of innovation. Games are also a great way to alleviate stress. It can make learning more enjoyable.

All of these factors will ultimately lead to greater engagement. This leads to increased retention and productivity. Start experimenting today with some of the training games mentioned and see the remarkable impact they can have on your business.

For more informative topics aside from these fun training games for employees as part of employee engagement, feel free to visit our main blog page.

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