6 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Move to Chicago

Move to Chicago

Chicago is home to at least 2.69 million people, making it the third largest city in America. It’s often known as the Windy City, thanks to the breezes from Lake Michigan and its bracing winter temperatures. 

If you’d like to plan a move to a major city, you might be weighing your options between New York City or L.A. But, Chicago might be the very place you’ve been searching for. 

To learn how you could benefit from a move to Chicago, read on. 

1. Lots of Unique Neighborhoods

Chicago is made up of more than 77 neighborhoods, each with their own personality, population, and price point. You can find affordable houses in a range of neighborhoods at urbchicago.com.

For example, in Lincoln Park you’ll find a lot of young professional families. Logan Square is a trendy neighborhood home to young hipsters and creatives. Rogers Park is right on Lake Michigan and has a sizable student population thanks to Loyola University. 

2. Lake Michigan

Not only is the lake beautiful to look at, you can also enjoy it from dozens of public beaches. Plus, the Lakefront Trail offers nearly 20 miles of paved paths for jogging, biking, and walking. 

There’s no better way to spend a warm summer day than at a beach on Lake Michigan.  

3. It’s a Cultural Hub

Whether you prefer theater productions, art museums, or concerts, Chicago has it all. It’s also home to the famed The Second City, the school and theater for improv comedy. 

The Art Institute of Chicago, the Field Museum, and the Shedd Aquarium are just a few of the major cultural institutions you can visit. 

There’s also plenty of summer festivals to check out. Lollapalooza, Taste of Chicago, and Pitchfork are just a few options. 

4. The Restaurant Scene

Chicago also has a vibrant culinary scene. Many times you don’t even have to leave your own neighborhood to sample some world-class cuisine. 

Whether you’re looking for a classic steakhouse, a casual diner, or a fine dining restaurant, you’ll find it all in Chicago. You can also try a wide range of cuisines like Italian, Asian fusion, Mexican, soul food, and much more.

5. You Can Sample Every Season

While L.A.’s weather is pretty much the same year round, Chicago offers plenty of variety.

If you’ve dreamed of having a white Christmas, a brisk fall day, and a sunny summer day all at the same zip code, you’ll love Chicago. You’ll get to experience all of the seasons, from snowy winters to hot summers.

6. There’s Plenty of Transportation Options

Chicago also offers a lot of transportation options. You can drive, take the ‘L’ or elevated train system, use the suburban Metra train, or hop on a city bus. 

Plus, you can ride your bike in the city using the many bike lanes, trails, and nature preserves. It’s also a great city for walking.  

Is a Move to Chicago Right for You?

If you’re looking for a wide range of neighborhoods to choose from, a diverse restaurant scene, and a beautiful nearby lake, consider a move to Chicago. Many people love living in Chicago so it could be right for you too. 

No matter where you land, the best way to turn a house or apartment into a home is with a few simple home improvement projects. To find ideas and inspiration, keep scrolling through our blog. 

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