6 Health Benefits of Playing Video Games with Your Family

Playing Video Games with Your Family

Playing video games is, no doubt, one of the most remarkable ways adults and kids can spend leisure. However, what most gamers don’t know are the vast effects of gaming on their health. According to a recent LSU study, video games and fitness coaching can help children lower blood pressure, lose weight, and increase physical activity. Darts are another good option that you can enjoy with your family. You can buy good quality Steel tip darts for a better experience.

If you’re still wondering why you should use your bonus to buy your child the latest Play Station, then you are about to make up your mind. In this article, we explain some reasons you should introduce your family to playing video games.

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1. It helps kids overcome dyslexia  

According to some recent studies, lack of attention is the primary cause of dyslexia in children. When children play video games, they are likely to concentrate for long since most video games are normally engaging and require full concentration. 

For instance, games with heavy action require the utmost focus of gamers, and by introducing your kids to such games, you help them improve concentration and fight dyslexia in the process.

In another study, 12 hours of successful video gameplay help children with dyslexia score better in phonology and reading. The results are even better when children are allowed to play video games designed to treat dyslexia.

2. Improves your vision 

If you have trouble focusing on details on your screen, the first place to train your eyes is on video games. A recent study by scientists confirms that playing video games in moderation can improve your vision and attention to detail.

In another study, having at least ten weeks of video gameplay improves your ability to discern different shades of grey.

When you play video games every day, you improve your vision and tend to focus more on details. For instance, players using their ‘lazy’ eyes while playing video games can gradually improve their vision.

3. Video games make you active physically

Burning calories indoors is not that easy if you don’t have an elliptical machine. However, you can still cut some fat when you stick to your favorite video games. Most video games with lots of actions require whole-body movement.

When you engage your brain, hands, and eyes, you become more active and lose calories in the process. This means you are more likely to cut some weight by playing video games that are more interactive and physical.

Additionally, when children play video games involving basketball, football, and tennis, they are more likely to practices the same when at school and outdoors.

4. It helps with chronic pain 

It may sound weird, but some studies have shown that the simplest way to control chronic pain is by distracting ourselves with something else. Focusing on other body mechanisms and paying attention to other activities can help you reduce chronic pain. This is the reason more doctors will recommend video games for the post-injury prescription.

Playing video games helps in the production of analgesic or pain-killing hormones in the cortile system. When you are more immersed in the game, you tend to forget everything that is happening to you, including your body. This is a sure way to relieve yourself of chronic pain. Today, most hospitals are already using virtual reality games to help patients cope with chronic pain.

5. Gaming slows down aging 

We all have one thing in common – aging. However, if you want to live longer, then start playing video games today. Playing video games is one natural way of fooling your system and delaying aging. It keeps your body in shape and makes you feel like you are 50 when, in reality, you are almost hitting the 70s. The same happens in your brain.

When you play video games frequently, you tend to sharpen your brain and boost your cognitive capability. According to a recent study by the University of Lowe, playing video games can help adults keep their brains in shape.

Involving yourself in any activity that needs your full attention and mind makes you sharper, and playing video games is one of those activities. Video games are just the same as Sudoku. They train your brain and improve your focus no matter your age.

6. Improves eye-hand coordination 

Having better eye-hand coordination improves your efficiency and productivity in most professions. For instance, in surgery, you need better eye-hand coordination to avoid nicking other vital organs when operating patients. This is why most upcoming surgeons are required to perform a lot of virtual surgeries during their training before conducting a real operation on patients.

In a study by the University of Texas, researchers established that high school students have higher eye-hand coordination than college students because they play more video games. Spending at least two hours a day playing your favorite video game on your phone or laptop can help you improve eye-hand coordination and become more efficient at work. It can save you a lot on mastering your keyboard and even passing your driving test.

Final Thoughts 

There is a lot that comes with playing video games you cannot ignore. So, when you are thinking of introducing your kids to Sudoku and Tetris, you should not forget to mention the reasons for doing that. Playing video games improves your attention, h

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