6 Interesting Machine Learning Statistics and Facts

Machine Learning

How often do you chuckle at the content that floods your YouTube homepage? Do you ever make purchases based on recommendations on your Facebook feed?

If so, then you’re enjoying the benefits of AI whether you know it or not.

This cutting-edge technology is only getting more advanced thanks to machine learning, too. If you want to stay informed, then you need to know about the latest machine learning statistics.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the latest advancements in 2022.

1. The Concept is Older Than You Think

Machine learning as we know it today seems so advanced. The concept is older than you’d think, though. The concept was first published in a book back in 1949. The book discussed the interaction between neurons.

In 1952, the development of computer-based checkers gave life to the theory. Arthur Samuel from IBM came up with the phrase “machine learning.” He used it to describe how the program ‘learned’ how to become better with each game.

2. Machine Learning Can Predict Your Death

This statistic is as disturbing as it is surprising. Google’s machine learning has become so advanced that it can predict a person’s death. Further, it’s known to have an unbelievable 95% accuracy rate.

Don’t believe us? Recent use of the tech with Covid predicted mortality correctly 92% of the time.

3. It Helps Deliver Content You Want and Love

As hinted at above, machine learning improved upon online personalization. Targeted ads and personalized content are now possible thanks to machine learning.

Most successful big companies like Facebook, YouTube, and Netflix use this tech.

4. It Boosts Business Revenue

Don’t make the mistake of thinking machine learning science only helps consumers. It boosts business revenue to new heights, too.

That’s why it’s become standard for businesses to adopt a machine learning strategy.

5. Machine Learning Technology is Solving Labor Shortages

The pandemic has made labor shortages worse. The good news is that machine learning is helping robots overcome that problem. From factory work to driving trucks without humans, this tech is taking care of business!

6. Machine Learning is Going Quantum

At its core, machine learning helps humans solve problems. The machine still needs a lot of input to understand possible solutions, though. What if the machine could generate an answer without data, though?

That’s where quantum computing comes in! In 2022 and beyond, prepare for machine learning to go quantum.

Did You Know These Machine Learning Statistics?

If you weren’t aware of the machine learning statistics above, then you’re far from alone. Most Americans have very little knowledge about this incredible technology. A lack of knowledge won’t change the fact that this tech is changing society, though!

Now that you’re equipped with these facts, be sure to spread the word! As machine learning gets more mainstream, it’ll impact society in ways we can only imagine in 2022.

Do you want to stay on top of the latest technology trends? If so, then you know you’re in the best place to stay informed. Keep browsing through our main blog page now to see more of our favorite articles.

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