6 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

With more than 5 million Americans receiving felony convictions in 2020, the need for a criminal defense attorney is becoming crucial. Knowing where and how to hire an attorney is a crucial thing to know. 

But what if “I don’t know what to ask before hiring a criminal defense attorney?”

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out 6 key questions you should ask criminal defense attorneys. 

1. Where Did You Study?

This might seem nitpicky right off the bat, but a criminal defense lawyer’s education level is a great indication of their value. If they’ve studied at an accredited college, chances are they know what they’re doing. 

You should also ask them about any professional or academic organizations that they’re a part of. This provides background into their dedication to law itself. 

2. How Long Have You Been Practicing Law?

It’s not all about the education, however, as boots-on-the-ground work is just as valuable here. An experienced attorney will know the ins and outs associated with your case and will build a strong defense strategy. 

How long an attorney has practiced and what types of cases they’ve worked on is a good indicator of their expertise. 

3. What’s Your Experience With Cases Like Mine?

Speaking of which, ask your defense attorney about their experience with cases similar to yours. You don’t necessarily want someone who’s never dealt with the nuances of your case. Those familiar with your type of cases give you a better chance at a fair outcome. 

4. Do You Have Any Client Testimonials?

This isn’t something practiced by all attorneys, but the mark of a great lawyer is the positive feedback they received from past clients. If their work truly is what they say it is, they have plenty of former clients that can back up the talk. 

5. How Often Do Your Cases Go to Trial?

This is a good question to ask for two reasons. One is that you get an idea of whether your case goes to trial and takes longer. Another advantage is that if a lawyer is used to going to trial, you know they at least have experience navigating that situation when it comes. 

6. How Strong Is My Case?

This should be asked after you’ve had some discussion about the details of your case. While it’s hard to give a definite answer at the early stages, a lawyer will be upfront with you about how your case is panning out. 

How to Find a Criminal Defense Attorney

However, you can’t ask these questions if you don’t have a qualified list of potential attorneys first. Finding accredited lawyers can be done with a simple Google search, or you could get referrals from friends and family. 

There are plenty of great places to find a quality criminal defense attorney, including Belen Law Firm who has dozens of quality lawyers on their team.  State and local bar association websites are reliable sources. You might even know a friend who’s a lawyer that might be able to help out on your case. 

Leveraging Criminal Defense Attorney Questions

A great criminal defense attorney in your corner can change the tides on a difficult case. Wherever you find your attorney, use this article to know exactly what to ask them when you’re considering a hire. 

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