7 Sewing Supplies Every Aspiring Fashion Designer Needs

Sewing Supplies

Are you an aspiring fashion designer looking to maximize your sewing skills? If so, you need to know the essential sewing supplies.

Doing so can help you improve each project you do. First, it’ll give you an unconscious understanding of how each sewing accessory works because you’ve previously used it. Then, when you sit down to design, you’ll know how to plan designs that work for you.

See below for seven sewing supplies you should incorporate into your design sets.

1. Tape Measure and Ruler

Tape measure and rulers are essential sewing supplies for any aspiring fashion designer, as they allow for accurate and precise fabric measurements. Tape measures come in various sizes and materials, such as fabric and retractable plastic. As a result, they offer versatility when measuring fabric, body sizes, and edges.

Rulers are also crucial for fashion designing; they are typically used to measure flat areas, such as the top of a curve or lengthwise edges. But, they also come in different lengths, allowing users to choose one best suited for their needs.

Both tools are invaluable resources for beginner sewing supplies. They are used during the design and creation, helping troubleshoot inaccuracies or inconsistencies. These tools are absolute necessities to have in any fashion designer’s arsenal.

2. Needles 

Needles are an essential sewing supply that is part of any sewing project and can be used to sew any fabric. Designers of all skill levels should invest in quality needles because they will make a massive difference in the results of their sewing projects. A basic set of sharps, ballpoints, and stretch needles is recommended for most fabrics.

Hand-sewing needles are suitable for small projects or detailed work, while universal needles are perfect for mending and hemming. Needles come in different sizes, so selecting one that is the correct gauge for the fabric is essential.

3. Scissors and Cutters

Scissors and cutters are essential for a fashion designer’s toolkit. High-quality fabric scissors are a must, and they should have sharp blades, be able to make precise clean cuts, and fit comfortably in hand. An array of cutting tools can also benefit larger projects, including dressmakers shears, tailor shears, snips, and cutters.

Fabric cutters are perfect for straight cuts, curves, and creating patterns. Rotary cutters help cut many layers of fabric with ease. 

4. Threads

High-quality threads are needed in beginner sewing supplies for fashion design. Thread is part of the garment that holds it together, so it’s essential to have quality threads. In addition, they help you achieve precision and durability when sewing.

The number one factor when selecting threads is deciding on the stitches you’ll use, such as hand stitching, knotted stitching, quilting, or embroidery. Also, the thread you purchase depends on the fabric you’re working with, so it’s important to know what type of thread will work best with the fabric. Finally, threads come in various materials and thicknesses, which will determine the strength of your garments.

The more quality threads you have on hand, the better quality garments you will produce. Quality threads will also ensure your stitches are neat and secure, giving you long-lasting clothes. There are many different thread brands to choose from, but buying from a reputable brand is essential.

If your designs involve finishings, opt for threads with broader hues to find the perfect color match. Quality threads and sewing supplies will go a long way in helping you create show-stopping garments and look as professional as possible.

5. Tailor’s Chalk

Tailor’s chalk is a must-have for professional-looking results, as it helps to give the clothing and other projects a nice, clean line. Different types of tailor’s chalk are available, such as traditional tailor’s chalk, marked electric chalk, and liquid chalk markers. It allows a fashion designer to draw thin, accurate markings with lines and circles for exaggerated curves to create a unique and professional look.

It is usually erasable, which is a great advantage when getting accurate results. It is used to mark the fabric before cutting or sewing. It is available in a variety of colors and as a standard block.

Tailor’s chalk can also come as a pencil or chalk wheel, which is more accurate and allows more intricate designs to be marked. Good quality tailor’s chalk is essential for getting professional-looking results every time for any aspiring fashion designer.

6. Sewing Machine

A good quality sewing machine should be the cornerstone of any fashion designer’s creative process. It should be durable, reliable, and user-friendly for those just starting. Having the right one is critical to flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency.

It can be a severe and expensive investment, and it’s important to research to find the machine that will best fit the needs of the fashion designer. Many machines offer a full range of functions and accessories, such as reverse stitching and many sewing speeds. It makes it easier to create intricate patterns and designs.

For your online sewing supplies needs, you can check Elna Sewing Machines. With the right tools, even the smallest fashion project can succeed!

7. Fabric and Other Supplies

Fabric for sewing supplies is arguably the most important item since it is the material from which clothing is created. A versatile array of fabrics should include natural fibers such as cotton and linen and synthetic fibers like polyester and rayon. Try different weights, textures, and blends to find the best for each project.

A good selection of threads could include both natural and synthetic fibers. Other essential supplies include an iron and ironing board, steamer, rotary cutter, pattern weights, and marking tools. An aspiring fashion designer can build an impressive wardrobe with suitable materials and tools.

Sewing Supplies for Fashion Design

Aspiring fashion designers need to understand the basics of sewing to create beautiful and unique designs. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, having the essential sewing supplies will help you stay on the cutting edge of the fashion industry. Now that you know the supplies you need to get started, get out there and start creating!

If you want to learn more fashion tips, check out our other articles today!

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