7 Signs of Infidelity: How to Know if Your Partner Is Cheating

How to Know if Your Partner Is Cheating

Around 30% to 40% of Americans cheat on partners so it’s wise to look out for the telltale signs.

Whether it’s your spouse or a new boyfriend/girlfriend, you may notice a change in their behavior when they’re around you. Perhaps you’ve got a feeling something bad is going on but you don’t want to confront them without having proof.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven signs of infidelity to look out for.

1. Change in Their Appearance

One of the top signs your partner is cheating is they start caring about their appearance especially if they never did before. It could be they’ve started wearing more makeup or flattering clothes to impress their new lover.

But before you hire a private investigator for infidelity, know that this reason alone doesn’t necessarily mean your partner is cheating but be mindful of this sudden change.

2. Spends More Time on the Phone or Computer

A sign of infidelity in a relationship is if your partner suddenly becomes obsessed with using their phone or social media.

Notice if they’re constantly checking their message, calls and if they have deleted call logs. It’s also a red flag if your partner is using their cell phone at strange hours. Another sign is your partner has put a password on their phone or laptop and never leaves their phone even to go to the bathroom.

Although tempting, you shouldn’t snoop through their phone or social media even if you do think your partner is cheating. Instead, ask them point blank and they should happily show you there’s no reason to be concerned.

You may also notice your partner checking out other people when you’re out. So check whether their gaze lingers on a person or if they turn their head to get a sneaky look.

3. Unexplained Expenses

Not sure how to know if your partner is cheating?

Consider their credit card and if there are any changes in their spending habits. If there’s a large drop in their bank balance then it could be a sign of infidelity. Remember, cheating is expensive as they have to buy gifts, dinners, and hotel rooms so this will add up.

If you notice this, ask them about these random expenses and if they give you elaborate excuses then they’re likely lying to you.

4. Mysterious With Their Time

One of the top signs of a cheating partner in a relationship is they’re mysterious with their time. It’s natural for both partners to pursue individual interests so they can strike the balance between independence and intimacy.

But unfaithful partners are less willing to share their whereabouts or their plans. Plus, cheating partners won’t answer your calls or texts even when they’re “working late” or on a “business trip”.

Other excuses could include having flat tires, spending extra time at the gym, and constantly being stuck in traffic.

5. Gift Giving and More Compliments

You may also notice a change in your relationship, good and bad. For example, your partner may start showering you with “just because” gifts or spend a fortune on your birthday.

This is because they feel guilty about betraying you and want to make it up to you. Cheating partners also do this to convince you that they have no reason to cheat so you’d never suspect a thing.

Your partner may also compliment you more than usual. But consider what they’re praising you on. For instance, if they start gushing over a pink dress they once hated then it’s suspicious.

But you may also notice a negative change. Cheaters want to rationalize their behavior so they’ll blame you instead. Your partner may say you’re no longer putting effort into your appearance or you don’t appreciate everything they do for you. This is because they’re projecting their internal justifications so if you notice this, confront your partner immediately.

6. Forgetting What They’ve Told You

Partners who cheat will forget what they’ve told you. Because your partner’s lover is another confidant, it’s difficult to remember who they’ve told the story to. As a result, your partner may repeat the same one multiple times.

An unfaithful partner may also ask you what stories you’ve heard so they remember what lies they’ve told you.

7. Accusations of Infidelity Become Arguments

You’re convinced your partner is cheating from the multiple signs to the constant feeling in your gut. If you raise the topic of infidelity and your partner creates an argument then this could be all the evidence you need.

Cheating partners will try and distract you with an argument because they’re worried you’ll catch them. They may say “you don’t trust me, all you do is accuse me of being unfaithful” as it’s an attempt to focus on what you’ve done wrong, and not them.

Faithful partners will listen to your suspicions, clarify anything you’re uncomfortable with, and find ways to slowly build up your trust. Because there’s nothing to hide, a faithful partner will be mindful, communicative, and strive to put you at ease.

Those Are the Top Signs of Infidelity

Hopefully, after reading this post, you now know the top signs of infidelity.

Consider how often your partner is using their phone if they keep repeating the same story, and whether there’s a change in how they treat you. Don’t accuse your partner of cheating if there’s little evidence, it has to be because you’ve noticed multiple of these signs for an extended period. Then you can confront them. Good luck!

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