8 Fall Nail Color Trends You Need to Try Now

8 Fall Nail Color Trends You Need to Try Now 1

Nail polish dates back to 3000 B.C. in China and has been popular ever since. Due to the invention of vehicles, the modern-day nail polish became popular. Since then, the different styles and overall popularity of nail polish have changed. 

If you’re into painting your nails, then you might wonder about the best color trends for the fall. Read this article on the different color trends that you’ll want to try today on your nails!

1. Deep Moss

Besides a nude nail polish set, deep moss greens are a popular choice this fall. This option will make you stand out in autumn while others are wearing wine reds and oranges. It’s a way to go darker without having to wear burgundy.

2. Rich Browns

When it comes to Autumn colors that are darker, go with a rich tonal brown. There are a variety of options out there too since many brands carry this color.

3. Creamy Blue

Beauty trends this fall include standing out by picking a creamy blue. Midnight blues are a popular choice this fall and some say it’s as common as black. As you head into fall, it’s better to choose a creamy blue instead of darker options. 

4. Dark Teal

One of the best colors this fall is a dark teal, even Meghan Markle loves it. Throughout history, this has been a popular shade and is a great choice for the fall. 

In the summer months, go with turquoise and lighter teals. For fall, choose a royal dark teal. Place tan or sand neutrals into your nail design to make it pop. 

5. Plums

Go with deep red or purples for a classic fall look. A popular option is the inverted French manicure. 

6. Slate

Match the cloudy days outside by choosing a gray or slate color. Slate is a popular option for the fall season.

7. Glitter

Choose glitter this fall for a beautiful look. There are many different colored glitters to choose from too.

Whether you’re looking to wear golds or browns, there’s something for you. Glitter will go perfectly with your black dress as well. In order to tone it down, paint your nails a different color and only have 1 or 2 nails be the glitter color. 

8. Metallics

In order to stand out, choose earthy metallics. You can find nail polishes with fall colors as well as metallic colors mixed in. It looks great on its own which means you won’t need nail art. 

Exploring the Best Nail Polish Color Trends This Fall

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the best nail polish color trends this fall. If you’re not sure which route to take, speak to your nail tech to see your options.

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