9 AC Installation Mistakes You Need to Avoid

9 Ac Installation Mistakes You Need To Avoid 1

Do you think there’s a chance that you’re making mistakes in the AC installation process? Believe it or not, you’re not alone.

If you’re looking to snag a few key insights on how you can be sure the AC installation you do today will continue to serve you well tomorrow and into the future, look no further than what you’re about to learn below.

Sound good? Be sure to keep reading, because we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know when it comes to avoiding AC installation mistakes that so many others make.

1. Ignoring Sizing Requirements

Homeowners often make a mistake when installing their air conditioner by not paying attention to how big it needs to be. When putting in an air conditioner, many people just pick whatever size they need or can fit in the space. However, getting the wrong size unit can have serious effects.

If the air conditioner is too small, it won’t cool the house well, and if it’s too big, it won’t work well and will cost a lot to run. Even worse, putting in a unit that is too big can cause temperature control problems and extra humidity.

2. Never Cleaning Fins and Coils

These parts are tasked with transferring the airflow and heat through the unit, and any blockages or dirt can cause poor performance, a decrease in energy efficiency, or even an increase in system failure due to mechanical breakdowns. Make sure to remove any leaves or debris that may have collected around the base of the coils or fins.

Additionally, inspect the coil fins yearly and use a foam-only brush to remove any build-up. Doing so will ensure the fins stay connected, free of obstructions, and clean, leading to a longer life of the unit, energy savings for you, and better air quality for your loved ones.

3. Ignoring Your Air Filter

Air filters are essential components of an AC system, and you should pay attention to them. Neglecting proper air filter maintenance can reduce the system’s performance, reduce its energy efficiency, cause an increase in airborne particles, and lead to increased repair costs.

Dirty air filters also allow dust, dirt, and other debris to build up in the HVAC system, which negatively affects its performance and longevity. It is important to check your air filters regularly and change them out if needed. Doing so will keep your AC running smoothly, efficiently, and for a longer period of time. 

4. Not Updating (or Setting) Your Thermostat

Not regularly resetting your thermostat can result in inefficient energy use and higher energy costs. This oversight can also lead to a breakdown of the air conditioning system, an overworked AC unit that needs to work harder to provide the same cooling levels, and an increased risk of needing to replace the system.

Additionally, if the temperature settings are not adjusted according to the outdoor conditions, your AC system can struggle to reach the desired temperature, resulting in an uncomfortable indoor environment. All of these expensive errors can be avoided by taking the time to reset the thermostat and adjust it to the correct temperature.

5. Not Checking Your Drain

It is important to ensure that the drain is cleaned out and running properly. If the drain line is clogged, condensate may get backed up and cause water damage to the inside of your HVAC unit or nearby areas of the home. It’s also possible for the water to cause bacteria growth and air quality issues, as well as damage the furnace heat exchanger.

If the drain is able to freeze, the blockage can cause extra strain on the condensate pump, which could lead to motor and pump failure. This can be prevented by ensuring the drain is clean and that the line is sloped properly so that the condensate can flow freely. It is also advisable to have the drain line inspected regularly. 

6. Setting the Temperature Incorrectly

Operating the unit at a temperature far below the desired thermostat setting can put extra strain on the system and lead to decreased efficiency, and higher energy bills and will reduce the life of the unit. This can be especially problematic if a home is designed with low ceilings and little insulation.

Improper system sizing based on temperature settings can also cause the unit to run continuously, resulting in screaming utility bills and skyrocketing annual maintenance costs. Setting the temperature to an appropriate level and having an experienced technician complete the installation can help avoid costly mistakes and provide a reliable, energy-efficient system to keep your home comfortable.

7. Never Arranging Periodic Check-Up

This can be a costly mistake because if something malfunctions, a professional needs to come out and fix it, and that cost can add up quickly. It’s far better to perform a full inspection of your AC system before and after installation, to make sure everything is functioning properly. Furthermore, it’s important to ensure that the technician installed the system correctly and that all appropriate electrical and safety protocols were followed.

Improperly installed AC systems can be dangerous and result in significant damage to your home. In addition, always be sure to check reviews of AC installers before hiring, to make sure they have a proven track record of successful installations. 

8. Using the AC When No One is at Home

By cooling an empty house, you are wasting electricity and running an AC unit which is not necessary. Additionally, your AC could be running without anyone around to look out for it if something goes wrong with the AC unit.

In the long run, an AC unit will last longer when not constantly running. Instead, avoid using the AC when no one is home and purchase a programmable thermostat instead. Contact a reputable and experienced professional for assistance with your HVAC installation today.

9. Forgetting About Your Windows

Windows often account for a significant amount of heat exchange in the summertime, so excluding them from the installation can lead to an AC system that’s not performing to its full potential. If the windows are not sealed properly, the thin seams can lead to an increase in the cooling load and the need for a bigger AC unit.

To ensure this mistake is avoided, ensure you consider all windows in your home while selecting the AC size, and seal any gaps that may exist between the window and the wall. Additionally, make sure to double-check that all windows equate to the level of insulation they are meant to provide and that any curtains, blinds, and screens are also in line with your budget and expectations.

Make Sure You Get the Right AC Installation for Your Home!

To sum it up, take your time and do your research before getting an AC installation. Ensure you hire the right pro for the job and avoid overstating the size of your home and overpaying for installation.

Don’t forget to get your AC installed by an electrician and turn to professionals for advice and help. So if you’re getting your AC installed, contact an expert today and benefit from their experience!

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