A Fermented Beverage that Tastes Great

Fermented Beverage that Tastes Great

Tepache is a traditional pineapple beverage that is slightly fermented and contains healthful probiotics for optimal gut health. It is enjoyed all over Latin America and is a traditional street drink that has been enjoyed for generations.

Lightly Fermented, For Your Gut Health

Tepache is a versatile, lightly fermented fruit drink that originated in Mexico. Made with pineapple skins, raw sugar, and spices, primarily, the natural yeast from the pineapple skins causes the sugar to ferment over a short period of time, at which point the product is strained and moved to a bottle to complete the fermentation process.

The delicious, ripe, raw fruits that are used to make tepache allow it to have prebiotics or fiber that is great for your colon. The fermentation process makes beneficial probiotics, to help your large colon to help the body create certain vitamins, to support the immune system, and to keep the colon working correctly, even with the unhealthy diets that we challenge our bellies with during the modern age.

It is difficult to eat and drink right, with so many tempting but bad for you foods that are offered every day for low prices. Even as we try and try again to keep our diets healthy, we all slip up now and then. Luckily for us, there is tepache. Tepache tastes like a delicious, fruity carbonated drink – but it is a health drink in disguise!

Versatile and Delicious

Your mouth will think you are being naughty and drinking a fruity, fizzy drink when in reality, tepache is packed with great things for your body. Aside from the vitamins that tepache is packed with, from fresh, ripe, tropical fruits, the fermentation process makes it a probiotic drink. Packed with fiber that is prebiotic, too, it’s a win/win situation for your mouth and for your good health.

Tepache is light and fruity, not a mouth twisting, tart, and vinegary fermented

taste like kombucha can sometimes provide. De La Calle! brand tepache is offered in 4 flavors, to represent different regions of Mexico and the types of tepache that are best-loved in those 4 regions.

Enjoy subtle notes in these complex drinks – the perfect aperitif to enjoy before a delicious Mexican meal, or as an unusual beverage offering at your next cookout. If you and your friends are looking for something a bit harder for the weekend, use tepache as a mixer for a good bottle of spiced rum, for vodka, or even for tequila. These flavors pair very well with many liquors, or even when topped off with a nice, refreshing Mexican lager (the favorite way to do it in Mexico).

Try Us Today, For Flavor And For Health

If you are gearing up for an outdoor soiree, or any other get-together with friends and family, consider tepache as an interesting new choice for your guests. Your friends will appreciate a break from the same, boring options that they have been tipping for years. You don’t even have to tell them that tepache is good for them if you don’t want to.

You don’t need Emily Post to point out that it’s not exactly an appropriate party conversation to discuss colon health, after all. Perhaps after the party, when they are asking you to tell them what that delicious fermented Mexican drink you served them was – that will be the perfect time to discuss all of the healthy, wonderful attributes that tepache has to offer.

Thankfully, tepache is now available in a can, and available from experts who make it in the traditional manner that has made it a hit in Mexico for hundreds of years.

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