A Few Tips To Consider Before Buying A Framed Wall Mirror

Framed Wall Mirror

Framed wall mirrors are a great choice to add interest and beauty to your home. Wall: Classic with just a hint of contemporary appeal, wall mirrors help re-invigorate any dull room. Think about using a large, oversized one in the master bedroom showcasing a huge round mirror above the dresser or a small square mirror on the side tables. They are also a great choice for bathroom settings and for bathrooms near the kitchen sink, where there may be lots of moisture.

Decorative: Framed wall mirrors are very decorative. They can be used to frame a pretty view in the hallway or sitting room. You could have one on each of the walls in the master bathroom or master bath. In addition to being decorative, framed mirrors also reflect light, bringing a bright, sunny ambiance to the room. Also, they provide privacy as they do not block the doorway.

Modern: While most framed wall mirrors are made to look like antiques, many of today’s styles are quite stylish. If you like a more classic style, you can find these mirrors in gold frames with ornate silver shades. They can come in different sizes, from a few inches wide to several feet. You can use a larger round mirror to cover the entire window or place several smaller round mirrors along a hallway or entry way. To make a small space look bigger, consider a framed mirror that is mounted on the wall in front of the door.

One-of-a-kind: For some people, having their framed mirrors in a unique design is important. If you want to make your home one-of-a-kind, consider having a one-of-a-kind mirror. Choose a mirror with an old-world charm, such as an antique oil rubbed brass frame. Or, choose an antique wooden frame embellished with floral and rooster designs.

Professional appearance: Some people prefer a professional appearance, which is why they may invest in professional-looking framed mirrors. To achieve a professional look, choose a floor mirror with a polished frame. Or, choose floor mirrors with a scrolled frame. Antique Oil rubbed brass frames look very good in traditional and contemporary settings. They look especially nice in rooms styled to be formal, like dining rooms.

Appropriate wall color: The general rule is that a framed mirror should match the decor of the room where it is placed. However, this rule doesn’t always apply. As an example, white or cream floors will match beautifully with an Italian framed mirror. However, an Asian themed room will look strange with a white floor mirror. So, first, determine the theme of your home interior before you buy a floor mirror.

Mounting: It is important to mount your wall mirror on the wall according to its size and style. Smaller mirrors tend to dangle, so make sure to place them on a sturdy surface. For larger mirrors, use a bracket to hang it on the wall. Be sure to anchor your brackets into studs in your wall so that the mirror can’t move from its location. You may also want to secure your mirror to the wall using some strong Velcro straps.

Use your newly purchased mirror in different rooms in your house. For example, if you have a young daughter who is starting to date, she may use her new mirror to catch her reflection when she is with her friends. Or, if your living room is decorated in neutral colors, you could hang a framed mirror in your entry hall to give your guests the chance to see how beautiful your walled bedroom is decorated. In any case, if you already have a framed mirror in your home, use it in every room.

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