A Nationwide Radio Interview With Entrepreneur Piran Tarapore

A Nationwide Radio Interview With Entrepreneur Piran Tarapore 1

Founder Of Pro Digital Nomad and Grow Social Today

Piran Tarapore is the founder and CEO of one of India’s youngest startups Pro Digital Nomad. He is currently a Master of Marketing Communications scholar at the University of Melbourne. Piran is a marketing and public relations specialist, who gave us at Zobuz a one-on-one interview while in Ukraine. An exchange programme through AIESEC brought Piran to Ukraine, where he worked at several summer camps all through the country. He feels volunteering is an exhilarating experience, which offers him the opportunity to steer his mind away from all of his work and focus more on enjoying life and impacting others positively.

When Piran isn’t leading his small team under the Pro Digital Nomad brand name, he is actively travelling and seeking new experiences. This lived experience in Ukraine is what got him a spot to feature on the national radio. He shared his thoughts on a variety of topics including his political views, society in general and his business ideals. When Piran Tarapore spoke to us about his entrepreneurial journey, we felt the need to dig in more and learn about his business model and their offerings.

A Nationwide Radio Interview With Entrepreneur Piran Tarapore 2


Pro Digital Nomad by Piran Tarapore basically focuses on five fundamental objectives: 

    • Get more traffic
    • Social Media Growth
    • Achieve more interaction with users (Increased Engagement)
    • Position the company’s image on the Internet through PR building techniques and news features
    • Generate purchase intention

Piran feels that every company getting into the digital world must incorporate the following, to be successful online:

– Website: Central point of the digital ecosystem, traffic will be directed there (people visiting your website)

– Content Marketing: A key element of any digital marketing strategy, it is the art of understanding exactly what your customers need to know. It consists of creating and distributing relevant content for clients and potential clients with the aim of attracting them to the company and connecting it with them.

– SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

The process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines.

– Conversion: Converting means getting a person to execute a specific action. For example, a visitor to a website signs up for the newsletter and then becomes a potential customer by requesting more information.

– Email marketing: Direct marketing strategy that uses email as a means of communication between a sender (company) and a specific audience (subscribers).

– Analytics (measurements of results): The basis of web analytics is the collection, measurement, evaluation and rational explanation of data obtained from the Internet, with the purpose of understanding and optimizing the use of the website of an organization or company.

– Users: A web user is a person who visualizes uses, manages, edits, collaborates and / or subscribes web pages and applications contained on the Internet.

– Microsites: Allows the use of aesthetic and language different from those of the main website, making the message of a specific campaign more easily available to the user.

– Online advertising: It has a high degree of affinity with commercial targets difficult to reach through other means, reaching very specific niches.

– App: Applications designed to offer personalized services to users.

Pro Digital Nomad by Piran Tarapore is an end-to-end social media marketing firm that aims to create organic interaction for influencers, celebrities and brands. Each consumer is served at all times by well-trained account managers. Grow Social Today is an addition to Pro Digital Nomad and is a social media panel for purchasing (and reselling) social media management services from a reliable and secure service provider, with robust support. The quality of their services remain unparalleled in the industry today and Pro Digital Nomad’s global presence is on the incline since their inception. Sounds like an interesting company to work for and a fun startup story to us!

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