A Review for iFun Screen Recorder

iFun Screen Recorder

With the recent launch of iFun Screen Recorder by IObit, the look for a perfect screen recorder has finally come to a halt. It is not only free to download but also a must for all because of the outstanding specs. iFun Screen Recorder analysis answers all questions and shows the best functionality of the app for screen recording. Please read further to learn.

Recording Features

iFun Screen Recorder can also hopefully win over the hearts of developers of video material, mostly using their voices or their sounds. With this function already available, video quality can be considerably improved with lower download size, HD video and audio supplied. This online screen recorder enables the personalized screen segment to be recorded and the facecam can be recorded. For YouTubers, players and content producers, the iFun Screen Recorder is the favorite alternative.

It has an infinite recording time for the best choice of iFun Screen Recorder. Yes, that means records without breaks for longer durations. Each part of the video is recorded in HD format. It has a wide variety of facilities to sell, including watermark elimination, with up to 30 MB of space in your drive.

Post-Recording and Storage

To complement this program, the video latency is also largely removed and almost 12 different output formats are provided to save the recording. It allows different devices to be compatible and easy to convert from one format to another. To add the cherry on the highest, there’s an option for users to capture screenshots on the go while recording remains functioning. So no more pausing the video for the perfect picture; it has run time and on the go.Some of the simple video editing features contained in the app become handy rather than those, which can impair video quality.


Installation is, to begin with, a relatively simple procedure with a guided tutorial at a glance. You do not need to download more than 30 MB and the configuration is finished in minutes. But hold at least 100 MB of space for this software reserved.

Some Points to Note:

  • Record games and videos in 4K resolutions without any lagging.
  • You can make the mouse pointer customized to get the attention of the viewers.

•    One-click streaming and stored on Google Drive, YouTube, and Twitch.

•   Supports nearly 37 languages.

•   You can add click animations, share a countdown before starting a record, specify the hotkeys, pin the software to the taskbar for straightforward access, and stop the system from sleeping during the recording.

• The GPU hardware acceleration technology allows you to edit and record the videos without crashing and ensures stability.

A Review for iFun Screen Recorder 1

The Final Review

If you ever wonder how to record screen on Windows 10, then iFun Screen Recorder is the best in town. When we finish the analysis for iFun Screen Recorder, it can be called one of the most powerful and great freeware we can find for multiple purposes. Consumers already charm the iFun Screen Recorder, whether it’s for personal or technical purposes and its future is clearer. Many features are too valuable free, so iFun is the best way to choose from many pricey screen recorders. For someone looking for an inexpensive option to build their content, the benefits such as unrestricted recording, HD recording and custom screen, embedded webcam, and on the go editing in their free version are desired.

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