A4 Tips to Properly Protect Your Car’s Interior

Tips to Properly Protect Your Car’s Interior

You should treat your car with extra care, just like your home. After all, a car’s value depreciates more than a house if you don’t take care of it.

You may sometimes overlook your car’s interior compared to its exterior, but you also need to exert effort in maintaining it as it can affect you and your passengers’ comfort and safety. It can also be a factor in determining your car’s future value.

One way to make sure that your car is always in its best shape is to get the best car detailing service. 

Car detailing is a thorough cleaning of your vehicle from top to bottom, bumper to the bonnet. It’s not a regular car wash as detailing uses specialised tools and products.

But just like a regular visit to the dentist, detailing alone will not save your car. You still have to brush your teeth.  Likewise, you also have to protect your car’s interior with these actions:

  1. Get Leather to Protect Your Upholstery

A great way to protect your car’s interior is by getting good-quality leather for your car’s upholstery. 

Leather has durability and longevity. Whether synthetic or natural, it is tougher than cloth which is more prone to getting ripped or damaged. 

There are several and different types of leather that you can choose from, so make sure to choose the one that’s best suited for you and your car’s needs.

When choosing leather for your car interior, you should consider the size of your car. A smaller vehicle will need less protection compared to a larger one. 

You should also consider the leather colour, as this will impact your car’s overall feel and look. 

  • Block the Sunlight

Natural light may be beneficial for your health, but it’s not so forgiving with the interior of your car, especially in Australia’s summer season.

Too much sunlight will surely dry, stiffen, fade, and even crack your car’s upholstery. Any small damage and discolouration will adversely affect the value of your car. 

Car detailing will fix some of these issues, but you know that prevention is better than cure.

To block the harmful Australian sun, you can invest in a dash cover and some rear and side window covers. These will reflect heat and sunlight, keeping your car’s interior cool and your leather seats good as new.

  • Vacuum Regularly 

Just like your home, your car will eventually accumulate dust and attract diseases and bugs. That’s why just like your home, you need to vacuum regularly.

Vacuuming your car should be part of your routine if you want to protect your car’s interior. Vacuums can effectively remove debris, crumbs, and dust that are too tiny to even notice. 

You can use vacuums in all corners of your car interior, from the upholstery, carpets and even on the roof.

Ideally, you can vacuum your car’s interior after every use.  Also, it will be easier if you have a “no eating” policy in your car to avoid disasters that come with it.

Vacuuming should come with car detailing, but that does not mean you shouldn’t do it. You won’t know the long-term effects that will bite you in the behind.

  • Be Consistent

Taking care of your car requires consistent effort on your part. There may be days when you forget to vacuum or put on your dash cover, but that should not discourage you from putting in the effort.

Even with the best car detailing service, you still need to protect your car to ensure its longevity and high value whenever you decide to part ways with it.

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