Accessorizing Your Outfit From Statement Jewelry to Bold Shoes

Accessorizing Your Outfit From Statement Jewelry To Bold Shoes

Accessories are the best finishing touch to your outfit. They can take a dress from bland to elegant or make a pair of heels look more casual. However, it is important to remember that too many accessories can be overwhelming and take away from your look. It is recommended to have one focal accessory, such as a necklace or earrings, and then limit the number of other pieces you wear.


Bags aren’t just a functional accessory that holds our phone, cash, jotter and lipstick; they can also make or break your outfit. If your bag doesn’t match your outfit, it can instantly make you look sloppy and unorganized. On the other hand, if you match your bag to your outfit, it can make your ensemble look chic. One way to accessorize a bag is by adding a charm or two. You can find fun and affordable charms at stores like Elysewalker or jewelry boutiques. Another easy way to accessorize your purse is by tying a pretty ribbon around the handle or opening the bag. This adds color and style and is a great way to show your personality!

To avoid overdoing accessories:

  1. Remember to create balance.
  2. Choose one bold accessory to accent a certain feature of your appearance, like your cinched waist or a beautiful smile, and pair it with softer pieces that won’t take away the attention from the star of your look.
  3. Try different scarves, hats, shoes, jewelry and bags until you have the perfect combination that transforms your outfit.
  4. Shoes

Although shoes serve the functional purpose of keeping you on your feet, they can also add style to an outfit. Adding a pair of strappy heels to a simple black dress is an easy way to take a look up a notch. However, ensure you aren’t overdoing it with the accessories, as too many can take away from your overall look. If you wear bold shoes, choose neutral or subtle handbags for your other accessories. For example, a leather purse in either a neutral or metallic color can be used to balance out the look of the shoes.

Statement Jewelry

Jewelry adds color and sparkle to an outfit, and statement pieces draw attention to the wearer. These pieces are often bolder and larger than traditional styles and can elevate an outfit from casual to chic. They also can emphasize a physical feature, such as a slender neckline or a fresh manicure. People must correct a common mistake with their jewelry: balancing the statement piece with the rest of their accessories. It’s better to choose one focal point

for your jewelry and keep other pieces minimal to allow the statement piece to stand out. For example, large earrings and a necklace that stands out should be worn with simple bracelets and rings rather than multiple bangles. According to fashion-inclined websites, another thing to consider when accessorizing is the complexity of the outfit. Outfits with many details, such as lace and ruffles, must be accessorized with more subtle jewelry to avoid competing with the outfit. However, a more basic outfit can be accessorized with bolder jewelry. 


Accessorizing is a great way to take your outfit to the next level. You can choose from accessories like earrings, necklaces, headbands, hair clips, rings, bracelets, scarves, purses and shoes to enhance your look. However, leaving your outfit manageable with only a few accessories is important. Instead, opt for one or two attention-grabbing pieces that elevate your look. Another great accessory is a pair of sunglasses. These can ramp up your outfit’s style and add a bold pop of color to your look. When choosing sunglasses, you should match the colors and styles of your outfit. For example, if you have black frames, consider accessories that are also black or neutral in color.

Similarly, brown accessories will complement your glasses if you have brown frames. If you have an oval body shape, you should use accessories that draw attention to your chest and face and away from your midsection. This will create a balance in your look and make you appear slimmer. In addition, you can use a wide belt to accent your waist and help you look slimmer.


A scarf is one of the most essential cold-weather accessories, along with a knit hat and mittens. Unlike functional gloves and hats, scarves are designed to make a statement and provide warmth. When choosing a scarf, look for one with a print or pattern to draw attention and contrast against the background. Choose a light-colored scarf with a dark coat or blazer and vice versa. Scarves come in various shapes, sizes and textures, including reversible scarves.  Scarves are a fashion accessory that works all year round. For example, wearing a black-and-blue outfit can add dimension by wearing a blue plaid scarf to complement the color scheme. You can also experiment with a tassel-finished scarf to create a bolder style. Alternatively, you can breathe new life into a drab purse by wrapping it with a patterned or silky scarf. 

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