All About Baby Care! Tops Benefits a Swaddling a Baby

All About Baby Care

Over three million babies are born in the U.S every year.  

Having a newborn in your arms can feel overwhelming especially if you’re unsure how to best look after your little one. Perhaps you’ve heard about swaddling but you don’t know whether it’s worth it.

Sound familiar? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top benefits of swaddling a baby.

Mimics the Womb

“What are the benefits of swaddling a baby?” 

One of the biggest ones is that it helps a newborn transition from the womb and into the real world. Baby swaddling recreates this warm, cozy feeling so your little one is completely relaxed. Touch is crucial for healthy infant development so when you swaddle the baby then it’ll feel like a mother’s touch so your baby has a restful night sleep.

Moderates the Moro Reflex

If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of swaddling a newborn baby, know it reduces the effects of the Moro reflex. This is also known as a startle reflex, a neurological response that makes newborns feel like they’re free falling.

The Moro reflex is common during the newborn’s first four months of life and can disturb your baby’s sleep. Instead, wrap your little one in the best baby swaddle as it’ll stop those spontaneous moments so they have a good night’s rest.

Regulates the Baby’s Temperature 

Swaddling keeps your baby at optimal temperature but it’s important to do it correctly so they don’t overheat. Find a breathable blanket and don’t over bundle your little one otherwise they will overheat. To test, touch your baby’s skin and it should comfortable to the touch and not too warm.

Alleviates Colic 

What is the benefit of swaddling a baby?

An important one is that it alleviates colic. This happens if the baby has difficulty digesting food and then experiences gas or intense pain. Babies with colic have prolonged crying and restlessness so a great way to help them is swaddling because it has a soothing, therapeutic effect. Not sure for how long? Try for 15 minutes and see how your little one reacts. 

Safe Sleeping Position 

Babies should sleep on their backs as it’s the safest position but it’s often hard to keep them there. Many little ones wriggle or may not feel comfortable so wrap your baby in a swaddle. Not only does it keep them safe during the night but they feel warm.

Those Are the Benefits of Swaddling a Baby 

Now you know the benefits of swaddling a baby. 

Swaddling alleviates colic, regulates the baby’s temperature, and moderates the Moro reflex. It also keeps your baby on their back for uninterrupted sleep To make sure you do it correctly, find a breathable swaddle, and gently rock your newborn until they fall asleep. Good luck!

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