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If you have any unpaid bills that you haven’t noticed, then that could be the biggest reason why CCS Office is asking you to pay a debt. With this, there could be a decrease in your credit score, and it could hinder you from applying for other more types of loans. Additionally, it could also result in having a bad credit history. 

There’s no need to be anxious about it since several ways could help you handle your account. Knowing what a CSS Office is and understanding why it hurts your credit score could make things easier for you to handle. In these instances, you should take action on it as soon as you can. Read more about CCS Office to learn more about them. 

Company Profile: What is CCS Office? 

CCS Office is a legitimate debt collection agency managed by Steven Sands. It’s located in Norwood, Massachusetts, and was founded in 1966. It’s been registered in England and Wales since December 1988. CCS Office is known to collect debts in the best interests of the original creditors. They have been in this kind of business for over forty years already. 

Debt collection agencies like CCS Office purchase the debts and collect debtors’ payments, then taking a portion from it for themselves. They can only do this by opening an account in the debtor’s credit report showing that their agency is allowed to collect a debt. 

CCS could also stand for as follows: ● Commercial Collection Services Limited ● Commercial Collection Services Ltd 

Why is the CCS Office contacting me? 

When you stress some financial difficulties in your life, calls from debt collectors could worsen these stressful situations. Probably, it caught your attention that you have a “collections” account in your credit report. It could be because CCS is asking you to pay for a bill that you owe. If left unattended, it could hurt more your credit scores. To learn more about this, visit

But, before you try to pay all those debts reflected on your account, know your rights as a consumer. Collection agencies are not allowed to scream at you when they are calling. Remember this as this simple gesture could help you turn the case around and file a case against them. Also, they are not allowed to threaten debtors if they cannot pay. 

How can I remove CCS Office from my credit report? 

Now that you have received your credit report, and you see your unpaid debts, here is a list of ways you could do to remove the CCS Office from your credit report. 

Ask them to validate the debt belongs to you. 

If you doubt that the debt belongs to you, then ask for a request if CCS Offices could validate it for you. In doing this, send them a debt validation letter. Through this, they could re-check your account, and who knows, maybe it was not meant for you to pay for.

In asking for validation, do it within the first thirty days when they have first got in touch with you. If not, things might get a little more difficult for you. Remember, they are a debt collection agency that bought the debt, which means you’re not dealing with the original creditor. The company may not justify that it’s yours when they do not have enough data to support it. 

Negotiate with them in removing the report 

Remember that CCS’s main aim is to get the money they want from you. You could try negotiating with them. Start by asking to pay half of the amount you owe from them, or you could also try coming up with a plan on how you pay for it. But, don’t forget that you’d make a condition with CSS that they will remove the negative history from your credit report. 

Also, when talking to them, if you can, avoid doing it over the phone. There are instances that there are calls from debtors that are not coming from their company. Thus, it would help if you did it while recording them. They may haggle with you. 

Consult and Ask Help From a Professional 

Dealing with debt collection agencies could be a lot of work. You could ask a professional’s opinion, like a professional credit repair company, to help you handle the whole problem. These professionals could be really helpful in improving your credit scores in exchange for a fee.  

Also, the credit repair company could handle all of the settlement and negotiations needed to be done. So, it saves you a lot from the stressful conversations and dealing with them. Not to mention, in getting a profession for help, work with a trusted credit company so that you are ensured that you get most of what you are paying them for. 

How Can I Contact the CCS Office? 

If you have inquiries and need some clarifications, here is valuable information you might need. ● Agency Website:● Contact Number: (617) 965-2000 ● CCS Office Mailing AddresS: 725 Canton Street, Norwood, MA 02062 


Anyone being chased by someone or any company from a debt that they owe is stressful. So, paying your debt on time could help you avoid these instances. If not, listed above are details on what CCS Office is and how you could deal with them. Always make sure that in paying debts, it is something that you owe them and not mistakenly placed in your account. 

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