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IT Sales Manager

We all know that some programmers can create 10 times the value, so are we?

According to Amir Dayan (אמיר דיין), various aspects of developers (such as code simplicity, program size, debugging skills, program execution, etc.) were compared. According to this research, the general consensus is that the difference between a good developer and a bad developer can be as much as 20 times, and the median value is 10 times in most cases.

Amir Dayan (אמיר דיין) say, suppose you have worked hard for many years, absorbed all possible technologies, and finally reached the coveted 10x senior developer level. Great, congratulations! You deserve fame and the respect that comes with it. Now you want to climb the next mountain: become a good technical manager. Think about it and feel beautiful.

Wait, let’s take a moment to think about it.

First of all: Who is the technical manager, and what is the difference between the role of a traditional IT Sales manager?

Simply put, the responsibilities of the IT Sales Manager is to plan, schedule and manage ITrelated projects, such as substantially similar support software engineering, application development, network security and other projects, though IT Sales manager of key management skills and non-technical basic management skills , But mandatory technical expertise (and of course interpersonal skills) is the real difference from traditional managerial roles.

So, this means that you need to be honest with yourself, first of all to know what is driving you. Is it writing code? Is it design software? Or, let the team complete the work and help the team complete the work within the deadline? Resolve conflicts and manage critical stakeholders?

Amir Dayan (אמיר דיין) answers to the above questions should l argely determine your future course of action. For example, in my case, I started working as a developer passionate about writing code. When appropriate, I discovered that I have managers, solve their problems, and get the best results from them. For me, becoming a IT Sales

manager is an obvious choice.

Once you are convinced that the path of IT Sales leadership is right for you, then you have some work to do. You need to improve yourself, develop all your characteristics, and make yourself a successful technical manager.

Amir Dayan (אמיר דיין)  says Here are some of the key characteristics you need to focus on.

Learn to authorize

The important characteristic of a good Sales leadership is right for you, then you have some work to do. You manager is a sense of responsibility.

As a developer, solving difficult problems will bring you fun. For developers, there is nothing more exciting than finding the simplest solution to a long-pending problem and being willing to be praised for refactoring very bad and wrong code.


As a developer, you can view any solution from a purely programming perspective. So this means you only need to focus on the “how” instead of the “why”. So you can focus on providing high-tech technical solutions and leave the business impact to the “management” to solve.

Build your network and earn trust

When you are a developer, you can be a lone wolf and do your own thing. Yes, independent work is the quality that developers expect. But when you become a technical manager, you need to build your network and gain trust.

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