Around the World in 80 Audible Books

Audible Books

Around the World in 80 Audible Books

How about going around the world using audio books? Discover below the best of international literature and our selection of un fish-able foreign titles for any reading fan.

Sunglasses? Check! Phone charger? It’s good! Delivered, here’s a tough decision! As every traveler knows, it is often difficult to choose “the” book that will accompany you on a well-deserved vacation. In addition to your favorite author’s latest novel, maybe you will also be packing a travel guide or a little dictionary in your luggage? That already makes three books which are likely to take up a little too much space. In these cases, the audible books are quite indicated: you will be able to thus carry as many books as you wish with your smartphone, and this without these latter not take up extra space in your bag. Whether you plan to listen to them in the sun and on the beach or during your long city walks, the perfect book will go everywhere with you! Fan of foreign languages? The audio language methods are ideal for improving your knowledge of your deckchair.

How to choose what to listen to when traveling?

It only remains to select the ideal title that will accompany your getaway. Rather than choosing between the books everyone is talking about at the office and the one recommended by your parents, why not choose a title related to your vacation destination? It is an idea borrowed from the British blogger Ann Morgan, who was not satisfied with her library made up almost entirely of books written by Anglo-Saxon authors. On her blog, she compiles reading recommendations shared by locals, and her list includes 196 countries with the corresponding books. The titles offered form a unique, authentic and original selection, often far from the usual international bestseller lists. Reading remains a central cultural activity in the life of Americans, assures The NPD Group in a press release which takes up some elements of a market study devoted to the book. However, those questioned by the institute admit that they read less than the previous year. If the calculation methods are not exposed, they would read on average 9% less than in 2018, a drop that would primarily concern people aged 45 to 54.

Despite this youthful craze for audio, the printed book still remains the crucial element of the book industry and reading habits. More than half of NPD respondents have opened at least one printed book in the past six months, compared to only a quarter who immersed themselves in a digital book. Observations which are consistent with Books can’s statements for book sales: the printed book now represents 81% of total sales, compared to 72% in 2013. A slight dropout, therefore, who is offset by a more encouraging fact: the audio book would have conquered the 18-44 age group, an age class considered crucial by specialists in trade and marketing. In other words, the individuals most likely to spend money, and in particular on cultural products.

In order to allow you, too, to discover your holiday destination through its literature, we offer you our version of the list prepared by Ann Morgan – if the titles of the suggested authors are not available in audio book; we have chosen other books that also capture the atmosphere and the essence of the country.

We wish you excellent discoveries and, of course, superb sunny holidays!

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