Atlanta car accident: What’s the worth of your personal injury claim?

Atlanta Car Accident

You were injured in a road accident in Atlanta. No matter how the mishap happened, your primary concern should be your medical treatment. If you are seriously injured, call 911 from the scene and inform local law enforcement. Georgia is a fault state, which means if you can provide evidence that the other driver was reckless or negligent, they are liable for your losses and injuries. Filing a personal injury claim can be confusing, which is why hiring an attorney is always recommended. You can click here to meet one of the top injury lawyers in Atlanta for FREE. Like anyone else in a similar situation, you are probably wondering what your injury claims worth, and for your help, we have a few pointers below. Your injuries If you escaped a car accident with just a few bruises, you cannot expect to win thousands of dollars through claim. The nature of your injuries largely determines the financial settlement. If you have endured life-altering injuries, such as brain injuries, spinal cord damage, or multiple fractures, your claim is probably one of those that insurance companies dread. If your injuries are likely to prevent you from working further or gaining meaningful employment, you can expect more from the other party. Your role in the accident Georgia is a modified comparative negligence state. Many car accidents involve more than one driver who is at fault, and therefore, the respective roles of different parties determine whether they can sue one another. In Georgia, you can only sue the at-fault party on the other side if you are not at fault than them. Also, the settlements are adjusted accordingly. Take this example – You were injured in a road mishap in Atlanta, and the investigation revealed that you are 30% responsible for the incident. You filed a lawsuit and won $50,000in a settlement, but because you are also liable for the mishap, you can only recover $35,000 as the final settlement. Your action after the accident If you ran away from the scene, accepted your role to the other party or the insurance company, or failed to follow the norms immediately after, your claim could be jeopardized. The fact is each injury claims unique, and it is best to let an attorney review what your case is worth and whether you should proceed ahead. Call a lawyer today to learn more about state laws and your rights as an injured driver.

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