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Here is a guide on how Become a Computer Developer

New technologies and the internet have created needs for new jobs. Among the myriad of professions resulting from the digital revolution, we find that of web developer . According to a study conducted by Zobuz in 2019, the profiles of developers occupy the first places in the “top 20” of the most sought-after professions on this professional social network. If the demand is there, these skills are scarce, which represents a real opportunity for IT professionals. So, whether you are retraining or choosing your professional path, the job of web developer may be for you ! Want to know more ? Read on for this article!

What is an IT developer?

The web developer is above all a programmer, he can realize, diagnose, test and correct all the technical functionalities of a site or a web application. The developer may have to design a solution from A to Z or adapt an existing one to best meet the client’s needs. The developer has a very broad field of action. He may have to collaborate with a team often made up of other developers, integrators, and IT architects, especially on large-scale projects.

Who can become a developer?

Real Swiss knife, the developer is a jack-of-all-trades often brought to collaborate and exchange. And if this profession offers many outlets today, it is also subject to perpetual transformations due to the frequent evolution of techniques and technologies. This is why the qualities and skills necessary to exercise this profession are very varied:

IT developer, what future and career prospects?

The job of IT developer is extremely varied and rich both in its field of application and the nature of the projects in which it can intervene. It is for this reason that practicing as a web developer is often a good springboard to be able to access more technical professions of supervision or management . There are notably positions such as project manager, systems administrator or software consultant for which experience as a web developer is often required .

Jump into the Pool

You can also apply to the “pool” of school 42. Behind this rather strange name hides the possibility of following a very instructive training course for free. Created by Xavier Niel, this “school” located in the center of Paris, offers the opportunity to participate in an extraordinary training experience. Known for its very hard but perfectly impartial selection system, it quickly acquires solid programming foundations. So if your motivation is flawless, this formula may be for you.

Become a developer without a diploma: the self-taught method!
Steps to become a good web developer (without study but not without work) More and more sites and training exist to allow you to acquire the knowledge necessary to become a developer. However among all this choice, it is not always easy to see very clearly and to know where to start:

Determine what motivates you . Indeed, according to the objective that you place behind the fact of training you in programming you will have to specialize in a particular language and tools. So keep your wish in the corner of your mind and seek, once all the basic knowledge has been acquired, the additional knowledge that you will need to carry out your project.

The list above gives you an indicative order, you are free to prioritize your training and to follow your own path. But it is important to keep in mind that to start, mastering HTML5 and CSS3 remains an imperative. For the rest two watchwords: perseverance and practice! Because if the beginnings can seem difficult you will not delay after some first victories (even minimal) to feel burning in you the sacred fire of code and programmatic!

Indeed, if you choose to start your own business, it is essential to insure yourself . Because, even if we absolutely do not question your future skills as an outstanding developer, you are not immune from questioning the client as part of your service! But It is possible to protect yourself ! So do not take any risks and do not forget to take out professional insurance suited to your profession before you start.

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